NJ Dining: Beyti Kebab (UPDATED)

Beyti Kebab Restaurant
4105 Park Ave, Union City, NJ
(201) 865-6281

Sometimes I feel like I’m the last person to get on the cluetrain when it comes to good local restaurants. In this case, its Beyti Kebab in Union City, which I’ve been meaning to go to for years but never got around to it.

Beyti Kebab, which opened originally as a butcher shop back in 1984, was the first of the major kebab houses to open in the Hudson County/Bergen County area. Like the saying goes, the original is the best — I haven’t had kebabs as nearly as good as Beyti’s, and I’ve been to a lot of Turkish restaurants in the local area, including Kervan (and its short-lived sibling, Sapphire in Tenafly), Samdan, Babylon (recently re-opened in River Edge) and a whole bunch who’s names elude me. Beyti is a good half an hour to forty minute drive (in traffic) from where I live, and while some of the aforementioned places (all respectable and good Turkish restaurants) are only about fifteen minutes away from me, I’d definitely be willing to go the extra mile to go to Beyti — crappy parking situation included. It’s just that good.

Beyti Kebab storefront in Union City. Parking in the area can be a chore, especially on weekends, but the food is worth the hassle.

Anyone fancy a kebab? Click on the “Read the rest of this entry” link below for more.

Right up front by the register, they’ve got a mini-market where you can get all kinds of Turkish deli goods including cheeses, meats, sausages, yogurt, and pastries. It should be noted that everything sold in the restaurant, especially the meats, are Halal.

As well as a nice selection of dry goods as well. Love that Turkish coffee.

The restaurant is quite spacious and looks like something you’d find in Istanbul. In fact, the restaurant is named after a famous kebab house in that city.

Meats on display by the kitchen.

Peeking into the kitchen area.

Now THAT is a gyro.

Coban Salatsi, or Shepherd’s Salad with Bulgarian Feta Cheese.

Coban Salatsi without feta.

Mixed cold appetizer plate.

Single serving of babaghanoush, eggplant dip.

Single serving of Acili Ezme, a spicy appetizer made with chili and walnuts

Tabouleh, a salad made with parsley, bulghur wheat and tomatoes.

Ayran, a very sour yogurt beverage.

Charcoal grilled lamb chops. Excellent.

Lamb chop closeup.

The mixed kebab platter, which for $22.95 is an absolute bargain — you get a huge pile of meat over rice and salad, which includes Adana Kebab (seasoned ground meat), Sis Kebab (Lamb Skewers), Sis Tavuk (chunks of very tasty and juicy marinated and seasoned white meat chicken) and Doner Kebab (also known as Gyro) which is probably some of the best I’ve ever had. All the meats are well seasoned but manage not to be very salty or overcooked, which is no mean feat at a kebab place.

Iskender (Alexander) Kebab, sliced doner kebab (fresh gyro meat) in a tomato sauce over yogurt and bread slices. A meal fit for the conqueror of Asia Minor and Persia.

Adana Kebab closeup. Notice the little flecks of parsley, garlic and hot pepper in the meat.

Sis Tavuk closeup. Both Jon and I were astounded by just how juicy and tasty this was.

Sis Kebab closeup. Also quite excellent.

Since we didn’t order any appetizers and we shared the kebab platter, we had room for dessert. This is the pasty tray where you have your choice of different types of phyllo and wheat pastries, as well as an absolutely sinful chocolate pudding.

A closeup of the fresh chocolate pudding, which is a must. This is served in a crock over a layer of pound cake.

Turkish Coffee. Strong and sweet.

22 Responses to NJ Dining: Beyti Kebab (UPDATED)

  1. krissnp says:

    interesting blog.

  2. sofia L.S. says:

    mmmm good food, jamijami

    sofia sweden

  3. John D says:

    I have eaten at Beyti probably close to 200 times and it’s always great. It is the most consistent restaurant you’ll ever go to. Order everything and enjoy it all. The butcher counter is great too for your own cooking. The food is perfect for takeout, too.

  4. E.Nassar says:

    That is certainly mouthwatering stuff. Is their chocolate pudding Turkish in some way? Did they add any extra spices or something?

  5. I think it had a trace of cardamom in it. As I understand chocolate pudding is a common Turkish dessert, I’ve had it at other places before.

  6. Jon says:

    The most amazing thing about the chocolate pudding was how THICK it was. That part hanging from the spoon in Jason’s photo isn’t about to go anywhere…

    The chicken kebab was just awe inspiring.

    The Doner wasn’t very far behind. At even the best of places I’m far too used to Gyro/Doner being too salty. This wasn’t at all.

    Jason also didn’t mention the rice–which was also perfectly done. I don’t take it for granted that it always will be.

  7. sofia L.S. says:

    no replay?

  8. Soon sofia, soon. :)

  9. Jordan says:

    Went yesterday for lunch on your recommendation. It was excellent. Thank you!

  10. autumnmist says:

    Babylon is open again!?!?!?!? Where?!!!

  11. Autumnist: Kinderkamack road, where Shanghai restaurant used to be. 606 Kinderkamack, in River Edge. I’ll probably be there within a week or so :)

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  13. […] that you could find in Bergen County. To get anything comparable, you had to go to Patterson or Union City. While we still had Kervan in Cliffside Park (a restaurant that has seen better days, its hardcore […]

  14. Hoshi says:

    Didn’t the Ayran taste salty? Here in Germany Ayran is always more salty than sour and they call the gyro kebab/kebap. Anyways excellent photos! How much did you pay for the lamb dishes?

  15. […] here for the meat. I’d say the meat itself was comparable to my current Doner Kebab favorite, Beyti Kebab in Union […]

  16. Joseon says:

    Looks real good. Keep us posted on future halal food reviews. Had some 53rd and sixth the other week. Very good deal and food:


  17. Howdy

    I live in Weehawken, very close to Beyti Kebap and I’ve been there a couple of times. I am Turkish and I am very passionate about Turkish cuisine.

    Anyone interested in delicates should absolutely give ” Fried liver ” a chance. It’s even better than most of the restaurants in Turkey. Alexander Kebap and Adana was quite good, but the traditional serving of Alexander should be done with thin gyro slices, tomato sauce, garlic yogurt and spiced hot butter on top of everything. I can say the alexander is a bit americanized, but this doesn’t mean it’s bad.

    When it comes to desserts Turkish cuisine has a huge variety of sweets. Baklava is a must. I don’t remeber if they had Kunefe, but if they have it is an orgasmic dessert ( very thin angel hair pasta fried and baked, sweetened with corn syrup, warm melted cheese at the bottom and pistacchio on top ). You can also try Sutlac, which is some sort of rice pudding.

    Also buy some Helva, a tahini dessert which is very healthy and delicious. Let me know if you need further suggestions about Turkish dishes ( gokhand@gmail.com )

  18. Kenny says:

    I always wanted to go here but when $10 a meal seems steep, $20 is just too much. Still, I will go there one day before I die.

  19. […] I’ve eaten at a number of very good Lebanese (1) (2) and Turkish restaurants in Bergen and Hudson County and have prepared a number of authentic dishes at home. But Paterson always seemed to escape me, I […]

  20. pete says:

    Looks great!!!

  21. Aylin Degirmen says:

    Hey Everyone!

    I’m Turksih myself and I live right by all of these Turkish restauarnts mentioned. One of the good ones in Patterson would be Toros if you want cheaper prices and not that great of an atmosphere, but their other restuarant in Clifton which is also called Toros is a little bit more pricey but great if you want to go there and introduce other people to the culture and cusine. I can truly say that its better than Babylon as well as Beyti anyday.

  22. Aylin Degirmen says:

    By the way, Kervan truly is horrible, it has not been the same since around 1995.

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