NJ Dining: The Swiss Pork Store

Swiss Pork Store
24-10 Fair Lawn Ave, Fair Lawn, NJ

(201) 797-9779

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While we were in Fair Lawn last weekend hanging out at the Garretson Farm, I decided to check out a legendary butcher shop and deli, the Swiss Pork Store.

The Swiss Pork Store dates back to the early 1950’s when a pair of butchers, one German and one Swiss, decided to open a traditional style German butcher shop. Fearing post-war negative sentiment against anything “German”, they decided to call it the Swiss Pork Store. They’ve been making top quality sausages, hams, cold cuts, salamis and selling quality meats ever since. If you go on a Saturday afternoon like we did, be prepared for a mob scene and lines out the door.

Lithuanian-style rye bread. A must to go with their homemade ham and salamis.

Swiss Pork Store’s salamis, which are made in-house and heavily smoked. You can get both soft and hard versions. I brought one of the small soft salamis home and I had to stop myself from eating it in one sitting, it was that good.

Kielbasa, a Polish-style pork sausage made with garlic.

The Pork Store has a wide selection of store made sausages and hot dogs, including fresh and cooked bratwurst and foot long dogs.

They’ve also got all the sides you need for a real German meal, including house-made sauerkraut, red cabbage and potato salad.

10 Responses to NJ Dining: The Swiss Pork Store

  1. John Fox says:


    Did you happen to try the franks? I’ve heard about this place and it looks like the Pork Stores here in Union of which we have 4. All of these places, wherever they are, have quality products. I will say that Kochers has the best hot dogs I’ve had from a Pork store.

  2. The footlong garlic franks are very, very good, as are their bratwursts.

  3. Christine says:

    Thanks Jason! I’ve been eating their homemade bologna (and baby hot dogs) since I was a little girl. I think it is the best homemade salami in the universe, and I wouldn’t cater a barbecue without their hotdogs!

  4. Pete Lako says:

    My guys are grown
    But they still remember going there
    And a butcher with enormous hands
    giving them a mini hot dog and of course
    the slice of bologna
    I wonder if that guy knows the impression he made

  5. chet says:

    OMG, My first stop at this place was a week ago right before heading back home to New York. Stopped grabbed some of the dried sauage for the ride home…The line was out the door, the food is excellent. I was searching to see if they had a web page so i could order online! I am going back asap for sure and this time im loading up!

  6. kevin schandel says:

    I had rode to the Pork store on my bke during lunch form Thomas Edison Elementry school and got 0.20. worth of hard salami wich I think they humored me and gave much more. Who would of thought I would work there as a teen for three years for Al, Carl & Dick such great guy’s to mentor and tolerate a confused teen . I am so greatful for them and those memories . I can still smell the smoke house and food cooking. One of my greatful and foundess memories. I would sure like to visit after these 41 years that would be awesome.

  7. sean says:

    get the veal loaf fresh and hot…. theres nothing better … maybe thier weisswurst?? i need that stuff in my face now

  8. michele says:

    OMG! about 48 years ago my parents used to shop at the Swiss Pork Store. I remember each time I would go in with them, the man behind the counter would cut off a piece of bologna for me. And the store smelled heavenly when you walked in. Memory lane time….

  9. Judith Loebel says:

    Have been going to Swiss Pork Store now for well over 30 years–moved far away but make trips there EVERY time we go back and my kids know if they go thru Jersey they MUST stop. Only place comparable is the Kosher Deli PETAKS a block to the West. The Lanjaeger dried smoked sausage is AMAZING and unlike any other recipe for this you will ever find. If they “only” have the soft version you can hang it up to properly “cure” at home. Peppery but no too sharp—just yummy. Everything else is great too. National Treasure here!!!!!!

  10. Emily J. Rogers-Kakar says:

    The service is very friendly….wonderful meats! I just live down the street from this place. I can see myself getting addicted to all their stuff!! I bought a beef brisket and it was really gooooood. It was devoured within a day! Good job, guys! I am originally from Arkansas, where mom and pop stores were always having fresh ingredients and treated you like family. This place brings it all back.

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