ACME Oyster House

We ran out of luck when heading to Johnny’s Po Boys today, only to find out it was closed for the day when we got there. A local lady, noticing our distress, suggested that we head to ACME.

Now, ACME is one of those places that is heavily promoted in all the New Orleans tourism books, so we were reluctant to go there on previous visits to the city. But I was willing to throw caution to the wind, and frankly I thought some more raw oysters and perhaps a Po Boy might be good there.


A view of the shucking area.


Oysters and plasma TV’s. My kind of bar!


A nice big tall tumbler of fresh brewed iced tea. Now that’s how you do it.


A plate of raws on the half shell. These were pristine quality and for the most part free from sand and grit. The shuckers are doing an excellent job here. Unlike Casamento’s, the sauce is pre-prepared, so you won’t look like a Yankee doofus trying to mix your own.


Here I managed to convince Rachel to eat a raw oyster, which she is normally freaked out by. Guess what, she liked them!


ACME’s Oyster Rockefeller Soup. Other than the fried oyster its the only discernible oyster in the soup, although there is a small amount of chopped up oyster in it. We felt that the soup itself was too thickened with roux and Rachel’s version that we made a few weeks ago was a lot better.


The Acme Special Po Boy. Ham, Turkey, Roast Beef Debris and Gravy with Melted Cheese. Excellent.


The Fried Peacemaker Po Boy. I thought that the oysters were fried a bit too done and the small shrimps really didn’t improve it.


Hush Puppies. These are jawbreaker sized, and have a good texture.

So overall, I would say if you definitely want raw oysters, head on over. The Special Po Boy is excellent, and if they happen to have a supply of crawfish or shrimp for a boil (they didn’t that day) you might want to check them out.

3 Responses to ACME Oyster House

  1. Daniella says:

    yeah, Acme is strictly for oysters, I would skip the hot food.

    By the way, mixing your own cocktail sauce really isn’t that hard – 1/2 ketchup, a generous helping of horseradish and Crystal hot sauce (NOT Tabasco), a shot of worcestershire and a spritz of lemon. Mix and viola!

    Great site. Thanks for emailing!

  2. Carl says:

    When I was a kid way back in the 70’s, my parents would often take my brother and I on weekend trips to New Orleans. ACME Oyster House was always a required visit for lunch. My Momma and brother would get poboys of course (Momma loved their roast beef poboys with the au jus on the side) but Daddy and I would not only get poboys but at least a dozen oysters each. Sometimes, I’d just skip the poboy (usually an oyster poboy fully dressed) and make my entire meal nothing but oysters. A couple of dozen wasn’t that uncommon. The place has changed quite a bit on the interior from those days, but the heart and soul remains the same.

  3. bchambless says:

    Hello, I am referencing your blog in my post today. Please enjoy the recipe at Looks like you guys are having a great time in the Big Easy.

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