Fasta Pasta: An “As Seen on TV” product that actually works!

by Rachel Perlow

Fasta Pasta by you.

The Fasta Pasta microwave macaroni cooker.

We first saw the Fasta Pasta on the TV in December. It wasn’t actually an ad or infomercial, it was on a local news product review segment. They started by saying another fast pasta cooker product (the one that you just pour boiling water over the pasta) didn’t work in their previous segment. It just made mushy but still uncooked noodles, like they had just been re-hydrated. So, they were skeptical about the Fasta Pasta — as were we. They followed the instructions and lo and behold it worked! Still incredulous, we contacted the manufacturer and they were kind enough to send us one to review. And, guess what? It works!

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Fasta Pasta by you.

We’ve tried it with whole wheat rotini and linguini and they cook perfectly. For the rotini,  you need to stop the microwave and stir about half way in; for the linguini that’s not necessary. But that’s it. No stirring or watching for the pot to boil over.

The Fasta Pasta is a time and energy saver. And not just the energy used in the cooking process, but in your energy of not having to clean up extra kitchen equipment. Let me explain. You’ve saved time because you’re not waiting for a pot of water to boil. You’ve saved energy, because you’re not bringing a pot of water to boil then having it on while pasta is cooking (but I don’t have the actual energy consumption numbers for using the microwave for 10-15 minutes, versus having a gas or electric stove on for 20-25 minutes), AND you don’t have to then clean the pasta cooking pot and strainer. Just pop the Fasta Pasta and lid in the top shelf of your dishwasher or easily hand clean, that’s still easier than hand cleaning a large pot & strainer.

Here’s a step by step guide to using the Fasta Pasta:

Fasta Pasta by jasonperlow.

First, you measure out your pasta and put it into the Fasta Pasta.

Fasta Pasta by jasonperlow.

Then, you fill the water up to the appropriate mark on the side of the container.

Fasta Pasta by jasonperlow.

Add a little salt, if you like.

Fasta Pasta by jasonperlow.

Place in microwave (uncovered) and cook for the length of time indicated on the instructions.

Fasta Pasta by you.

A handy reference sheet for determining cooking times is included.

Fasta Pasta by jasonperlow.

Remove Fasta Pasta from microwave, place on strainer lid and strain. Make sure you do NOT cook your pasta in the Fasta Pasta with the lid on!

While the pasta is cooking in the microwave, put your sauce together. I suggest having your mise en place prepared, because if you wait to cut your ingredients until the pasta is cooking, it will be done before the sauce!

Fasta Pasta by jasonperlow.

Ingredients for a Primavera

Fasta Pasta by you.

Saute your veggies.

Fasta Pasta by you.

Pre-cooked shrimp from COSTCO.

Fasta Pasta by jasonperlow.

I like to cook the pasta for a minute less than the instructions call for. Finish cooking it in the pan with your sauce. Save some of the pasta cooking water when you strain it (which is way easier to do with the Fasta Pasta than with a conventional strainer), in case you need to thin your sauce.

Fasta Pasta by you.

Toss it all together.

Fasta Pasta by jasonperlow.

Enjoy! Here we’ve garnished with some Gorgonzola Cheese.

11 Responses to Fasta Pasta: An “As Seen on TV” product that actually works!

  1. Jane Perlow says:

    We love it also!

  2. Leila Hayes says:

    I think it’s great….and it’s MADE IN THE USA!! I use mine at least 4 times a week. I wouldn’t be without it now- haven’t cooked pasta any other way since receiving mine one year ago.

  3. Interesting…I’ve scoffed at this, but I will take your word for it and considering how much whole wheat pasta my wife eats this is right up my alley.

  4. matthew lee says:

    I think its great but um how is this different from any other tupperware product (except for the fact that the lid has slits in it)? i think im gonna try the same thing (and save some money in this economy) with my ziploc tupperware and see how its works. I can always cut some holes in the lid if needed. is there something so unique about the lid that i am missing?

  5. Michelle says:

    This is a great product for students who go away to university or college.

  6. Heel Tastic says:

    As an italian it’s pretty sad to say I actually bought this mother. If my mother only knew … she would be shaking her fist at me. I use it at work and gives me a chance to get my intake of carbs at lunch. Just make sure you have a good tomatoe sauce to go with your pasta ;) Salute!

  7. Bobbypet says:

    What are the dimensions?

  8. Wow… I love the real time pictures and fine demonstration for this Fasta Pasta idea. Does this work better than say the Pasta Boat? I like that fact that you can still get your stove working here for your veggies and even for some sauce cooking while your noodles are being blasted by the micro NOW THATS KTICHEN MANAGEMENT!! thanks for the spectacular review here!

  9. Donna Lowe says:

    I really like using the Fasta Pasta. I was surprised that it worked as discribed. Problem is the cooking time reference sheet has disappeared. Anyone know how I can get another one via e-mail or snail mail? Thanks.

  10. Rachel Perlow says:

    @Donna – <- The cooking chart is on their website.

    @Matthew – Did you ever use Tupperware to try to cook pasta? The manufacturer claims that the Fasta Pasta is made with a type of plastic approved for microwave / food contact. Not all plasticware is.

    @Guilty Carnivore – Did you ever try one?

  11. […] Fasta Pasta: An “As Seen on TV” product that actually works! ( […]

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