NJ Dining: Al-Safa (Bab Al-hara)

Al-Safa (Bab Al-hara) Restaurant
960 Main Street, Paterson NJ 07503

Web Site: http://babalharapaterson.com/

In a previous post about the very excellent Al Basha Palestinian restaurant, I spoke a bit about the Middle-Eastern community on Main Street in South Paterson, which my friend Victor Sasson likes to refer to as “Little Damascus”, due to the large population of Syrian-owned businesses there.

My forays into South Paterson have been limited, mainly due to my general lack of familiarity with the Arabic language. I’ve certainly eaten a ton of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food, primarily Israeli, Greek, Lebanese and Turkish, but in the Bergen County area. For lack of a politically correct way of saying it, being a Jew and someone of clear Semitic ethnic origin by general physical appearance and given the current geopolitical climate, historically I would tend to not venture into a predominantly Arabic-speaking area of New Jersey for shopping and eating purposes.

However, I’ve been exploring the area much more lately — for reasons entirely unrelated to food. Paterson is also home to a large retail outlet of Micro Center, a gigantic computer parts store, one of the few places in New Jersey you can still walk in and buy actual PC components. It used to be that we had CompUSA and many independent retail computer shops, but now they are mostly extinct, destroyed by companies such as Amazon and Tigerdirect who can undercut them on price and volume. Such is the way of the new economy.

So if I’m going to schlep down to Paterson (actually, it’s really only about 30 minutes from where I live, as long as traffic cooperates) I might as well get some stuff to eat. I brushed up on my basic Arabic and went exploring. After living in the Northern NJ area for nearly 20 years, I now wish I had done this years ago.

Al-Safa Restaurant, Paterson NJ by you.

Al-Safa Storefront on Main Street in Paterson.

Looking for Kebabs and Schwarma? Eat like a Sheikh in Paterson.

In his podcast with me, Victor mentioned Fattal’s Bakery, a supermarket/grocery on Main Street that makes great Syrian-style Lahmajun (see related post on Assadourian Lahmajun) and pita bread. I knew I had to get some of that stuff if I was in the area, and I also wanted to get some lunch. Across the street from the Fattal’s Bakery parking lot is Al-Safa restaurant, a 25-year old Syrian kebab house.

The restaurant is also known in the local community as Bab Al-hara, which is also the name of a popular TV show in the middle east. Apparently there is something of a trademark dispute with this so the restaurant is now preferring to call itself Al-Safa.

Unbeknown to both myself and my dining companion, we had arrived at the restaurant on the first day of Ramadan, the holiest month in the Islamic calendar. During that period, devout Muslims refrain from eating, drinking, smoking and any number of other indulgences from dawn until dusk, so we were the only customers there.

However, as the owner explained to me, he gets a lot of other customers besides Muslims, including many Syrian Jews, so he stays open and is happy to serve anyone. In the evenings starting at 7:30PM during the month of Ramadan, Al-Safa has a big buffet in its very pretty marble dining room and outdoor patio, so you might want to check that out. Be aware that while the restaurant is TECHNICALLY a BYOB, you should refrain from bringing alcohol into the restaurant during this holy period out of respect for the patrons there.

Al-Safa Restaurant, Paterson NJ by you.

The specialty of the restaurant is Schwarma, which is also referred to in other Mediterranean languages as Doner Kebab or Gyro. Unlike Gyro, which uses oregano and other herbs, or Doner which is heavily cumin flavored with dried mint, Schwarma as it is presented in the Syrian or middle-eastern style is seasoned with Sabah Baharat, also called Ras El Hanout, or seven-spice blend.  Al-Safa restaurant makes both a Chicken and a Beef Schwarma. All of the meat served in the restaurant is Halal, or butchered according to strict Islamic law.

Al-Safa Restaurant, Paterson NJ by you.

Al-Safa cooks all of its kebabs in a traditional manner over a charcoal grill.

Al-Safa Restaurant, Paterson NJ by you.

How can this NOT taste good?

Al-Safa Restaurant, Paterson NJ by you.

Al-Safa menu. Click the photo to enlarge.

Al-Safa Restaurant, Paterson NJ by you.

Al-Safa main dining room.

Al-Safa Restaurant, Paterson NJ by you.

Outdoor Patio dining area.

Al-Safa Restaurant, Paterson NJ by you.

Hummus appetizer, adorned with olive oil and spices. A truly excellent Hummus.

Al-Safa Restaurant, Paterson NJ by you.

Muhammara, a spicy and tangy dip made with red Aleppo pepper and Walnuts with Pomegranate and Lemon Juice. It is also sometimes referred in the Turkish language as Acili Ezme.

Al-Safa Restaurant, Paterson NJ by you.

Fried Kibbe, bulghur wheat torpedoes stuffed with seasoned meat flavored with pomegranate and pine nuts.

Al-Safa Restaurant, Paterson NJ by you.

Tabbouleh, the ubiquitous middle eastern salad made with parsley and tomatoes and bulghur. Al-Safa uses a combination of both curly and flat Italian parsley, and lets it marinate overnight in lemon juice, giving it a very distinct and refreshing flavor.

Al-Safa Restaurant, Paterson NJ by you.

Beef Schwarma, which is intensely spiced but not very salty, which I was rather impressed with.

Al-Safa Restaurant, Paterson NJ by you.

The chicken Schwarma which is also very good.

Al-Safa Restaurant, Paterson NJ by you.

Kofta Kebab, grilled over charcoal with grilled vegetables, onions and rice.

Al-Safa Restaurant, Paterson NJ by you.

The next evening we decided to come back and try the buffet, which is $20.00 per person. Here are just a few of the dishes they had.

Al-Safa Restaurant, Paterson NJ by you.

Pictured above are Babaghanoush and Hummus, stuffed eggplants, Lamb with rice, and stewed okra. The green colored dish is a type of braised chicken in some type of green vegetable sauce, similar to an Indian Saag.

Al-Safa Restaurant, Paterson NJ by you.

Here’s a plate I composed for myself which includes Baked Kibbe, Lamb Meatballs, Yogurt Dumplings, Lamb with Rice, some kind of Bulghur and Goat pilaf, The green vegetable dish with chicken, and stewed okra. Everything was excellent and very authentic tasting.

Al-Safa Restaurant, Paterson NJ by you.

Every table was given a plate of very sweet dates.

Al-Safa Restaurant, Paterson NJ by you.

A dessert sampler which included three types of Baklava and Cheese-filled crepes sweetened with honey.

Al-Safa Restaurant, Paterson NJ by you.

We finished off with a small but very strong demitasse cup of Arabic-style (Turkish) coffee flavored with cloves. We liked the fact that there was almost no sediment at the bottom, we drank the entire cup.

22 Responses to NJ Dining: Al-Safa (Bab Al-hara)

  1. Looks good, Jason. My mouth is watering. Bab is the Arabic word for “door” or “gate,” I think. One of the things I haven’t seen so far in South Paterson’s Syrian places are dishes cooked with fruit, especially apricots. My mother used to cook with both apricots and fresh cherries, as in her dish of kibbe with cherries. Those weren’t the fried kibbe pictured in your post. There are at least a half-dozen kinds of kibbe, some cooked with fruit or in sauces.

  2. They apparently make other kinds of kibbe in the restaurant. The owner told me that during prime hours they have other flavors including raw kibbe. We should go for the Ramadan buffet.

  3. MJP says:

    My family and I have been in and out of South Paterson at all kinds of times and never once had anything but a good reception from anyone we interacted with – we bought stuff in the markets, ate in the restaurants, even stopped in Nablus for pastries after dinner. I’ve brought Jewish friends there all the time. I seriously don’t think you have to worry about getting hostility in South Paterson.

  4. Yes, I agree wholeheartedly with MJP. I have been shopping and eating there for 30 years. I often saw Israelis eating in Lebanese places there and speaking Hebrew with no self-consciousness.

  5. Money, money. I have heard criminal lawyers ask judges for a postponement because Mr. Green hasn’t shown up, legal shorthand for the client not paying the retainer yet.

  6. gar says:

    i just came back from a vacation in Turkey and you make me miss my trip so much, except I didn’t see a lot of hummsu dishes while I was there. Their hummus is rather creamy and it looks really good.

  7. rexa says:

    I’m curious about the chicken schwarma at the restaurant..do they serve it with garlic sauce? Thanks for the write up- i’ll have to check it out

  8. […] restaurant in the immediate area which I think befits an Islamic leader of your stature. Otherwise, you’ll just have to go to South Paterson like everyone else when they want good Halal food, and let me tell you, the parking in Paterson is a major pain in the […]

  9. mimi says:

    I was looking for ramadan buffets in paterson lol this looks like something i should try hehehe do you know of any thats a lil cheaper?

  10. SPM says:


    • mimi says:

      I tried al Kumah platter it was yummy but it wasn’t a nice place to dine in hehehe I guess I really have to try Al safa, thanks for replying

  11. SPM says:


  12. I think Mimi is suggesting the sanitation of Al-Kumah left a lot to be desired. I have never been there, but sanitation can a problem in South Paterson. One problem I’ve encountered at more than one place is uncleared tables, with all the debris and mess left by previous diners, while one of the waiters is outside blabbing away on his cellphone. There is nothing more unappetizing than seeing such a mess.

  13. SPM says:

    Victor, it is not necessarily the sanitation, the thing is that Al Kumah is also a butcher shop, so as you are dining in the front of the restaurant, you can see the meat in the walk in fridge in the back of the store. Sometimes this meat is includes whole lambs.

  14. […] I mentioned in my posts about Al-Basha and Al-Safa, the strip of Main Street in South Paterson known as “Little Arabia” or “Little […]

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  16. Rebecca says:

    Hey there – great site! Do you know if either Al-Basha or Al-Saba offers veggie kebabs?

  17. Sam A. says:

    I wonder, how come you did not see how dirty is this restaurant “Alsafa” take a glance at the kitchen area, I am sure you will never eat after that … look at the way they prepare the meet they leave the meat all day outside the refrigerator, where suppose not to stay out more than 20 minutes.
    You are going to see after Jan 1st, 2013 where the health dpt. Will rate the restaurants in NJ (like NY) if such restaurant will stay in business.

  18. SPM says:

    Umm yeah I have seen the kitchen area and the actual cooking area is in plain sight so I am not too sure what dirt you are seeing that the rest of the customers who come in do not. My big gripe with Al Safa is that ever since they reopened after the fire the portions have gone down and the prices have gone up.

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