NJ Dining: Kochers Meats

Kocher’s Continental Specialty Meats
634 Bergen Blvd
Ridgefield, NJ
(201) 945-7086

I enjoy living in the New Jersey suburbs, but I envy Manhattan and NYC residents for their easy access to top specialty meat purveyors, such as Lobels, Dean and Deluca, Citarella, Schaller & Weber and Pete’s Meat (in the Arthur Avenue Retail Market). I thought we Jersey residents were seriously deficient in that department until my recent first time visit to Kocher’s Meats in Ridgefield, a long-established quality meats purveyor.

Kocher’s is a German-style butcher and makes ALL of its sausages and charcuterie onsite.

They’ve got many varieties of sausages, including their own hot dogs, bratwursts, weisswursts, kielbasas, and also Italian-style sausages as well. Everything is made in-house.

Cocktail franks. These are nice and smoky and are great grilled.

Kocher’s makes its own hams, bolognas, salamis and other cold cuts under the Continental brand. Oh yeah, their own bacon too.

In addition to top quality pork, Kocher’s also carries Prime beef cuts.

Ground Chuck at Kocher's by you.

Ground Beef grinded to order.

Bacon at Kocher's by you.

Thick Cut Bacon

Frickadels at Kocher's Meats by you.

Frickadels, huge, meatloaf-like meatballs intended for use on sandwiches.

If the cuts on display don’t exactly fit your specifications, Kocher’s will cut your meat to order. Here are some thick-cut Pork Chops I bought for tonight’s dinner.

In addition to meats, Kochers also sells other gourmet food items, including great breads (like Eastern European style Lithuanian Ryes) and dried noodles such as Spaetzle.

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22 Responses to NJ Dining: Kochers Meats

  1. rob says:

    looks awesome! what is the pricing like at this place? significantly less than places carrying similar stuff in nyc?

  2. Very reasonable. For the two big pork chops, and four sausages, plus two bottles of mineral water we drank when we were there, I spent $22.

  3. John Fox says:

    What, no hot dogs?! I’ve been to a number of quality meat and butcher shop/pork stores, and have found that they are all good. One of the better ones in Union County is the Union Pork Store. Known for their exceptional meats, they sell prime beef as well as rare German sausages that are no longer made by most other places. They also have some of the finest bratwurst this side of Germany. Great dogs, too. Continental Provisions in East Brunswick is worth a stop as well.

    • Licia McClary says:

      There is no better place in the country never mind Jersey for Hot Dogs than Kocher’s. Their cocktail franks are addictive and I have never found better quality. I shop mostly “boutique” type places versus grocery stores and Kochers remains my favorite for meats bar none.

  4. I’m going to go back and get some hot dogs from them shortly. I’ve had the ones that Roman Inn in Englewood uses in their Roman Candles (Jalapeno and Cheese Hot Dogs wrapped with pizza dough) and they are excellent.

  5. […] Last night, Rachel cooked up the double thick cut pork chops I got from Kocher’s. This would have been another Nice Weather = WEBER entry, but I was permanently attached to my computer for about 13 hours yesterday working on a client web server issue, and thus the mighty metal grill stayed cold that evening. However, I must say, the regular cast iron pan does wonders for thick pork chops — the meat came out perfectly done and juicy. […]

  6. spamwise says:

    I’m eating lunch and reading Jason’s blog, AND he’s making me hungry AGAIN. ;)

  7. […] I took a nice big flank steak I bought from Kocher’s Meats (I went back there on Saturday) and liberally dosed both sides with Goya Adobo with Cumin, and then marinated it in a combination of lime juice, recaito, finely chopped shallots (didn’t have any garlic but it ended up working really nice), chopped hot bird chile peppers, freshly cracked black pepper and some olive oil for 24 hours. Yes, I know that sounds like an awful lot of time for a marinade, but boy, let me tell you, did it pay off — the meat was infused with the most incredible latino flavor, and came off nice and tender after cooking to to medium-rare on the Weber. […]

  8. John Fox says:

    Today I went with a friend to Hiram’s in Fort Lee. On the way home he wanted to take a detour and drive along Bergen Blvd. To my surprise, we drove past Kochers. I saw the name and screamed for him to turn around. I had wanted to try these hot dogs for a long time. I found out this past summer that the beef and pork hot dogs sold at Karl Ehmers in Hillsdale and served at their outdoor cart are made at Kochers. Ehmer’s sells their own all beef dog, but buys the beef/pork dogs from Kochers rather than using their own. As a member of the S.W.A.T. Dog Team I got to sample the Kochers dogs at Karl Ehmer’s. In my opinion they were the best beef and pork dog we had all summer. It was voted 3rd best in the grilled category behind Syd’s and Boulevard Drinks. I had lobbied for grilled beef/pork dogs to have a category of its own as these dogs have a different flavor profile than the spicy, garlicky, kosher style all beef dogs. It was determined that we could only vote on 5 categories, so all grilled dogs were lumped into the one category. Syd’s and Boulevard Drinks are all beef dogs. Kocher’s is one of the best, if not the best German style beef and pork frank that I’ve ever had. I picked up some today, but was full from Hirams, so I’ll wait a day or 2 to eat these. I was told by a butcher that these dogs are 70% beef and 30% pork. A mild spicing with no garlic or paprika as they are in the German rather than Jewish style. These dogs tasted great the 2 times I’ve been to Karl Ehmers, and also great on my home griddle when I bought them at Ehmers to take home. I was also told that in addition to Ehmer’s, Kochers supplies franks to between 30 and 40 other places including delis, stores, and hot dog joints. He wouldn’t tell me the names of these places. But I definitely believe it as these dogs are top of the line.

  9. John Fox says:

    I tried some of these dogs today. I went to the store and bought a Thumanns griller and stopped at the Galloping Hill Inn in Union to purchase a dog cold in order to compare the three. All were excellent. Definitely my 3 favorite dogs in this style. They were so close in quality that it’s near impossible for me to say which is best. Similar in flavor, but each dog was unique in its own way. The Kocher’s frank had a beefier taste (70%beef) but it was very tender in texture. And you can’t beat it for freshness. I was told to eat these dogs within 2 or 3 days at the most, then freeze what’s left.

  10. […] related OTB post: Kocher’s Meats […]

  11. […] BBQ ribs over the Memorial Day weekend. So I decided to head over to one of my favorite butchers, Kocher’s Meats in Ridgefield Park, and picked up a couple of racks of baby backs and some spare ribs for some good […]

  12. John Fox says:

    Someone recently told me about a very good beef and pork hot dog that he had from John’s Meat Market in Scotch Plains, N.J. John’s is regarded as one of the best, if not the best, meat market in the state. I’ve never been there until this week, but hear about this place all the time. They recently were awarded Small Business of the Year by some publication (New Jersey Monthly?).

    I called John’s and was told that they do not make their franks, but have them made by a small butcher. I could not get any more info. I went and bought a few this week. I had a sneaking suspicion that these dogs were supplied by Kocher’s since a butcher there told me that they supply 30 to 40 establishments with their dogs. The guy who waited on me confirmed that their dogs are supplied by Kocher’s. I was happy to find this out, as this place (John’s) is much closer to me than Kocher’s or Karl Ehmer’s in Hillsdale, which also sells these franks. I called and spoke to the guy who makes the hot dogs at Kocher’s to see if perhaps there was an establishment even closer to my home that carries these dogs. He told me there was not. He mentioned a few German restaurants that serve Kocher’s franks. I can’t remember the names.

    If you are in Union County or closeby, Kocher’s delicious German franks can be bought at John’s on Park Ave. in Scotch Plains. It’s about 2 blocks off rt 22 near Snuffy’s Pantagis. I would also ask at any local deli that sells franks they describe as homemade if they get them from Kocher’s. You won’t get a fresher frank. These are top of the line and one of my favorites along with Thumann’s, Sahlen’s, and the Galloping Hill Inn frank. And certainly the best frank I’ve ever eaten from a butcher shop.

  13. derek rivers says:

    nucka im hungry give me some meat mofo

  14. Lisa Farkas says:

    I love your store, visited it for the first time today, wow!!! My boyfriend took me…he used to live in New Jersey and came to your store all the time. Today he noticed something he has not ever seen, your Feisner curry ketchup. I wanted to buy it as a surprise but that wouldn’t work as he was with me. I’d love to add that to his birthday gift (i know, funny) can you ship it to me? Looking forward to your response. Thank you Lisa

  15. Catherine Lane says:

    i live in Minnesota. My NJ cousin sent me a salami pig for the holidays from Kocher’s. i bought an artisan bread and put a couple of thick slices of pig on the bread. Ate it like that, no condiments. Yum. You guys are gods.

  16. Licia McClary says:

    I am Kocher’s biggest fan, I moved to Belmar at the Jersey Shore 9 years ago and the only drawback was kochers was not so close anymore. I don’t let it stop me however, all drives up the turnpike include making a stop at Kochers. Any friends and family who come south know I ma going to ask the to stop there. Its pretty easy, just bribe them with the cocktail franks! They make the best homemade salads too, no one does that anymore everythng is processed but not here! Their German potatoe salad was always my Dad’s favorite, if you were visiting you had to bring him his own pound. It is a pleasure to walk into a store for 20 years and the faces are familiar and the consistency never waivers. Its Memorial Day weekend and everyone headed south to my house will have a cooler with goodies from Kochers!

  17. Jennifer Mayer says:

    My family owns Kocher’s, Continental Specialty Meats in Ridgefield, NJ. We are putting together a long overdue website. I googled us and saw your blog. Would you mind if we use some of your photos and comments from Off the Broiler for the site? I think real testimonials would be great. Thanks for all the frank feedback and continued support!
    Jennifer Mayer

    • R says:


      Kocher’s is the BEST meat market around (I live in Fort Lee) and I include Citarella’s, Lobels’ etc. In particular you guys have absolutely the best bacon I have ever cooked, lean, pleasantly smoky without being overly salty. I can also attest to the addictiveness of the cocktail franks–they are the absolute favorite of my 4 year old daughter. It has been a great pleasure to market at an “old style” butcher shop run by experienced and knowledgeable meat-cutters.

      I look forward to your official website!

  18. Steve Sussman says:

    I live around the corner from Kocher’s and for five years I didn’t know it was there. Well, one day I went in about a year ago and now I’m hooked. Simply the best meat around.

  19. Ivee says:

    I called Kocher’s today to order a four-rib standing prime rib roast for Christmas. When I indicated what I’d like to order, the extremely nasty man who had answered the phone said, “They’re all separate ribs — you can have four rib steaks.” When I reminded him that a standing prime rib roast is a single piece of meat containing four bottom ribs, his response was, “Who says”? Hostile doesn’t even begin to cover his tone of voice. I was speechless and simply hung up the phone.

    My husband was — up until today — a regular shopper at Kocher’s.

    But any meat shop that employs people who do not even know what a prime rib roast is and who treat customers with such contempt will not be getting our business ever again.

    Be warned.

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