18th Century Colonial New Jersey at Garretson Farm and Forge

Yesterday was a particularly nice spring day so we headed over to Garretson Farm and Forge in Fair Lawn, one of the oldest historic sites in New Jersey. Operated by Bergen County, it showcases what life was like in the 18th Century during colonial times. Most of the farm was sold off over the years to develop the local residential area, but a farmhouse, some other buildings and just under 2 acres of land remains.

Colonial troops bearing muskets enjoy the spring weather.

Garretson Farm brings the 1700’s to Bergen County. Click on the “Read the rest of this entry” link for more.

An evil Redcoat grabs some potato chips.

Spinning some yarn

A demonstration of 18th Century outdoor cooking. The gentleman is cooking chicken using a contraption called a reflector oven which conducts thermal energy from the campfire and reflects it back to cook the meat.

The menu

A closeup of the campfire

A meal that would be considered extremely good fare in colonial times.

Roast Chicken

The farm is known for the flora that is onsite which is maintained by volunteer gardeners. You can also buy all sorts of culinary herbs there.

Flowers are in abundance this time of year.

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