My name is Jason Perlow, and I’m a proud owner of a Golden Penguin Award, certifying that I am a card carrying nerd. In my professional life (what I actually do to make a living) I am a technical sales professional working for a Fortune 100 technology company.

I founded the eGullet.com food discussion community along with food writer Steven Shaw in August of 2001 and was its sole financial supporter, proprietor and technologist.

In 2004 I gave up my financial interest in the company and it became the eGullet Society for Culinary Arts and Letters, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit charity and I joined its Board of Directors.

In February 2006 I founded Off The Broiler to return to my roots as a food enthusiast and do what I truly loved, which is to talk and write about food, technology and other topics that genuinely interested me. In April of 2006 I left eGullet and its Board of Directors to concentrate on Off The Broiler full time.

I am now a humble blogger.

In November of 2007 I made some major life changes and decided to focus on the healthier aspects of being a foodie, and switched the primary emphasis of the blog to healthy eating.

The very idea of me losing weight was apparently so awe-inspiring that The New York Times decided to write an entire article about it.

While I had some moderate success with dieting and lifestyle changes at the time, it was not enough to permanently improve my health for the long term. In January of 2015 I had a bariatric surgical procedure called a Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy.

As of April 2016 I have lost 140lbs, but I have permanently changed my diet and lifestyle.

In addition to my foodie background, previously from 1999 to 2008 I was Sr. Technology Editor Linux Magazine focusing on Linux Desktop issues and product reviews, and since 2008 I have written for Tech Broiler at ZDNet.

I can be reached using the contact form below. On Twitter I can be followed at @jperlow

Disclaimer: The postings and opinions on this blog are my own and don’t necessarily represent Microsoft’s positions, strategies or opinions.

11 Responses to About

  1. christy says:

    hey- taste of chinatown tomorrow? go or miss?

    thanks :)

  2. Matt B says:

    i’m dyin to know what schnack sauce is,…..how can i get some or how can i make some????

  3. kenny T says:

    What is the recipe for schnack sauce?

  4. myanger says:

    what s schnack sauce?

  5. Daniele Medri says:

    Great! You are great!
    I just browse your blog and I am already addicted.

  6. Hi Jason,

    My name is Eileen and I am the owner of Eileen’s Special Cheesecake. I would love for you to come and visit with us, as I think it will be love at first bite. Cleveland Place is not an easy address. I have, however, been successfully baking my cheeesecakes here for thirty-two happy years.

    We age Kosher Dairy and delicious.

    Your Web site is stimulating and creativ and your blog is down to earth and honest, from the heart and palate.

    I hope you will visit us soon or allow us to deliver some cheesecake to your door.

  7. Meek says:

    hey jason,

    i just posted a blog on my site that comments on Patsy’s Pizzeria versus Patsy’s (restaurant) in New York and since you’re from New York and your photo has a nice big pizza, I wondered if you had an opinion.




  8. Rachel S. says:


    I’m a big fan of your weblog, and I have to say that the pics are amazing! Such brightness and resolution! Can I ask what camera you use (so I can go out and get the exact same one)?


  9. kimwb says:

    oh, I just finally FOUND YOU. You know, from personal experience, that my computer skills, including search engine understanding, is nil.

    pls have Rachel reach out to me..I miss you all.

  10. flagranny2 says:

    I’m all new to blogging but am sure glad I found you. I live in Florida but just north of the Orlando area in Altamonte Springs. I have eaten at the restaurants you mention in Tampa but years ago. I enjoyed them at that time and hope to get back down there before too long.

    Thanks for all the work you have put into this fine blog, I totally enjoy reading it and wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your time and effort in all you do.

  11. anonymom says:

    Fellow NJ food enthusiast here! With two young children, I don’t eat out often, so I am enjoying eating vicariously through your blog.

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