NJ Dining: Sultan Gyro

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Sultan Gyro
307 Ridge Road, Lyndhurst NJ

Web Site: http://www.sultangyro.com

What can I say, I love gyros, shwarma and doner kebab. There’s a certain primeval need of mine to eat spit roasted meat, and whenever I hear about a new Middle Eastern restaurant opening up, I want to be one of its first customers. One new Turkish place, Sultan Gyro, was recently profiled in the Star Ledger’s Munchmobile as the best stop on their Middle Eastern search and as soon as I read it, I had to go immediately.

Sultan Gyro on Ridge Road in Lyndhurst

If you want sliced meat on a spit you’ve come to the right place. Click on the “Read the rest of this entry” link below for more.

The Main Menu. Limited, but cheap.

The list of “Small Plates” or appetizers.

Owner Ahmet Tekin (right) manning the fort

Slicing off some Doner Kebab (Gyro)

Adana Kebabs ready for the grill

The refrigerator case has a number of different kinds of Turkish juices and soft drinks. Ayran, a sour and salty yogurt drink similar to the Indian lassi is also available.

Orange Uludag, a carbonated soft drink from Turkey. It kind of tastes like Tang. I like it.

Sultan Gyro has a Turkish Market next door where you can buy all sorts of sausages, breads, cheeses, yogurts, candy, cookies and canned/dried goods.

Zucchini Patties, which had a strong flavor of dill and mint. We liked these a lot.

The Zucchini patties had a crispy outside and a creamy center.

No, this isn’t Hummus. This is Circassian Chicken — cooked chicken pureed with walnuts and olive oil turned into a dip with Turkish spices. I know it sounds weird, but it was very tasty.

The pita bread unfortunately is just serviceable and I found it to be on the stale side. You’d be better off ordering your meal with the “Homebread” which is kind of like a fresh Italian loaf.

Eggplant Salad which we thought wasn’t smoky enough and lacked seasoning.

The Doner Kebab, the main event. Definitely made fresh, nice and juicy. The meat itself is excellent, juicy and well seasoned but the rice under it I was disappointed in, I found that it was under seasoned and there were a lot of undercooked grains. But hey, you’re here for the meat. I’d say the meat itself was comparable to my current Doner Kebab favorite, Beyti Kebab in Union City.

Adana Kebab, made from ground lamb and beef, spiced with red pepper. A very good rendition of this dish, although I still have to say Beyti’s is juicier.

Adana Kebab cross section

Spinach Pie, which unlike the Greek Spanakopita does not have any feta cheese in it. Strong dill and lemon flavor. I would have liked this better if it was re-heated correctly but we think they microwaved it, it came out soggy and without any crispness to the phyllo crust.

Turkish Cigars, filled with molten feta cheese. Be aware these are incorrectly labeled on the menu as filled with meat.

Turkish Cigar closeup.

8 Responses to NJ Dining: Sultan Gyro

  1. Mimi Sheraton says:

    As a big fan of gyros and doner, I wondered what kind of meat is used at Sultan’s..lamb is the most traditional in Turkey (an to my taste the best) but they may now do beef as well..In Israel it is often turkey a complete wash out in my opinion. So which is it at Sultan’s before I rush over to NJ?

  2. In Turkey it is typically a lamb and beef combination. Sultan Gyro is Lamb and Beef, as is Beyti Kebab’s — which would be a lot easier for you to get to from Manhattan, as it is in Union City.

  3. double 0 says:

    I think its time for a cruise down Main St in Paterson where you will find Halal butchers making Gyro, doner and all sorts of s hish from scratch and grilling right in the shop. I know this isn’t Turkish, most of the stores are Lebanese, but I haven’t better The pita is much supurior because its made right on the block. There’s also a Turkish bakery on Hazel St, Tashian, where you can get the large fluffy Turkish bread

  4. I need a guide. You name the weekend.

  5. Mimi Sheraton says:

    Maybe lamb and beef these days in Turkey, but in 1960Ii spent a week in Istanbul going each morning to watch different doners being layered up for the day, and never once did I see beef being used. Times change, I know and I have nothing against the pratice if the results are delicious.

  6. […] actually enjoyed and recommended it. I guess it isn’t always right after all. Jason from Off The Broiler also enjoyed them. Go […]

  7. peri says:

    I hope you have replaced the cook, I had a doner sandwich last May at Sultan.. It was horrible..

  8. STINKY says:


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