NYC Dining: Big Apple Barbecue Block Party 2006

The BABBP has been truly awe inspiring (Click for Flickr slide show). It’s amazing how New Yorkers can get together peacefully for an event that unites them in the name of truly mind-blowingly-good food. Normally to be able to sample the types of barbecue at this event, you’d have to travel across the entire country, but the block party allows you to sample them all in one weekend. I think that’s pretty incredible.

I’ve prepared a highlights video reel that I’ve uploaded to Google (click) as well as a complete pitmaster podcasts roundup:

Wedneday, June 14: Curbed/Eater/Gothamist Visitors: I’ve added some new stuff:

Podcast #22: Big Apple BBQ Pre-Game Show (click)

Podcast #23: Big Apple BBQ Pitmaster Roundup (click)

For a cool “Alternative” take on the Block Party, check out these sexy shots from Gothamist (click)

South Side Market and Grill’s Elgin Sausage and Brisket (Elgin, TX)

Memphis Championship Barbecue’s Babyback Ribs and BBQ Beans

Blue Smoke’s St. Louis Cut Ribs, done KC Style (NYC)

Salt Lick’s Texas Hot Links and Brisket (Driftwood, TX)

Ubon’s Pulled Pork (Yazoo City, Mississippi)

Ed Mitchell’s Whole Hog Organic/No Antibiotics Sandwich (North Carolina)

RUB BBQ’s Brisket (NYC)

Burnt Ends from RUB BBQ

Salt Lick’s BBQ Pit

Event Organizer Danny Meyer and Family

Salt Lick Sausage Extreme Closeup

RUB Brisket Extreme Closeup

Dinosaur BBQ Pulled Pork (NYC)

Big Bob Gibson Pulled Pork

Smoki O’s Rib Tips (St. Louis, MO)

10 Responses to NYC Dining: Big Apple Barbecue Block Party 2006

  1. ldubya says:

    I used to live near the salt lick and I miss it very very much! Great photos.

  2. rstcso says:

    I ate at the Salt Lick in Driftwood last night. Good stuff.

  3. Great stuff, Jason! I’ve been enjoying your posts on EG and lurking around here for awhile– love the podcasts and pics. Keep up the awesome work. I feel kind of guilty for missing the block party this year, but your coverage makes me feel like I was there……


  4. Looks like you had some great eats Jason. Fantastic pictures. Southside’s food looks much better here than it does in their restaurant!

    Like Matt, I’m feeling a bit guilty for not attending, but hey some weekends are made for sleeping.

    After this adventure, do you want to tag along at a BBQ competition?

  5. jason says:

    South Side Market and Grill’s Elgin Sausage and Brisket from Elgin, TX is the best sausage there is…..great eating…..they have been in business for years and i used to go there as a kid and when i make it home i have to eat there. lots of history and good eating….i love that hot gut….

  6. Brian Pearcy says:

    Great pics and write-up. I enjoy your site and unique insights.

  7. The food looks amazing.


  8. […] BBQ NYC, a New York City-based privately run Barbecue event that’s been going on for about four years now, is probably the closest thing to a down-home Texas barbecue you’re going to find in the entire city. Run by Travis Mills and Rob Richter of Big Island / Hill Country BBQ, a competition barbecue group that recently won grand prize in the upstate New York’s  Rib Fest, it is far from the largest barbecue gathering in the NY Metro Area, but its one of the most fun and enjoyable, and there’s always plenty of food to go around, provided you’ve bought your tickets way in advance. I was invited this year to document the event and to generally stand around and have a good time, which I absolutely did. […]

  9. […] I had been through the Eleven Madison Park space a number of time in the past, as its ground zero for the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party and is next to Tabla, the other restaurant that shares the old Metropolitan Life executive space. It certainly fits the bill for being a phenomenal space in a real New York City setting. However, we had never eaten there and I didn’t know much about Chef Humm, only that he was young (30) and he worked at a 3-Star Michelin restaurant in Switzerland, and then went on to become the Executive Chef at Campton Place in San Francisco. It didn’t occur to me, however, that he would be producing such high-level haute cuisine at Eleven Madison Park, because the restaurant’s previous chef was doing a more rustic type of food, and EMP doesn’t often come up in conversation when you’re talking about the top haute destinations in the city. […]

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