New Orleans Dining: SnoWizard

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Snowizard Snoball Stand
4001 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA
(504) 899-8758

Web Site:

Although we missed the very last hours of the season to grab a Sno-Bliz at Hansen’s (click for related OTB post) Snoballs are served at other shops in New Orleans year round. Another very reputable Snoball stand is SnoWizard, which claims to be the original, prior even to the existence of Hansen’s, opening in 1937. Although this fact is hotly debated between Snoball enthusiasts and Hansen’s/SnoWizard proponents, there can be no denying that the SnoWizard machine and syrups are the predominant shave ice system used by many of the Snoball stands in the city. We joined a local friend who directed us to the original SnoWizard location, which is considered to be one of the best.

The original SnoWizard stand on Magazine Street in New Orleans.

Hot outside? Then grab yourself a Snoball with one of the traditional Snowizard flavors. Click on the “Read the rest of this entry” link below for more.

SnoWizard really does make 60 different flavors of syrup.

The complete flavor list.

A view of the patented SnoWizard machine which is used by many Snoball shops in New Orleans.

We ordered a bunch of kiddie-sized Snoballs so we could try a whole bunch of flavors. My favorite so far is the Tiger’s Blood, which is like a berry/cream flavor.

A close-up of a Tiger’s Blood Snoball.

3 Responses to New Orleans Dining: SnoWizard

  1. Hey Jason,

    What a scary looking sky. That photo seems too dramatic for a snowball stand (and who’s that handsome man standing next to your wife).

    A couple of corrections and additions. This is not the original SnoWizard stand. The man who invented the machine had a grocery at the corner of Magazine and Delachaise. The debate is over who built the machine first–Hansen’s or SnoWizard. It’s a complicated story, and I can’t say 100% one way or the other. Shortly after George Ortolano build the first SnoWizard (at the time a Snow Wizard), he sold some machines to relatives. From the very beginning, Ortolano seemed more interested in building machines than running snowball stands (not that he didn’t run stands). It’s still a family-run company. Ortalano’s newphew is currently in charge. A few years ago they moved from Delachaise and Magazine to a larger building off Oak Street.

    Here is more history

    This stand was built recently as a demonstration stand. The current owner wanted a place to take customers where he knew that things would be done right (blades sharp, ice at proper temperature, etc.)

    SnoWizard the company has a lot more than 60 flavors. Here is a list.

  2. Jessica says:

    Sal’s off of Metairie Road is really really good. They have nice logs outside you can sit on and everything. Too bad you missed Hansen’s, oooo how I want one. I wish I lived on the southshore.

  3. Tina Casale says:

    This is THE best snoball place EVER. This is right by my old house. “sniff” miss it

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