NJ Dining: Seabras Marisqueira

Seabra Marisqueira
87 Madison St, Newark, NJ
(973) 465-1250

I continue to be amazed by the diversity and quality of restaurants in Newark’s Ironbound. One of my favorite places is Seabra’s Marisqueira, a locals-type no-nonsense Portuguese seafood restaurant.

Storefront on Madison Street.

Marisqueira has a large U-shaped bar that’s very popular with single dining patrons.

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Among the many things you can get at the bar are freshly steamed Dungeness crabs and Maine lobsters, all ready to eat.

The main dining room.

Here one of the servers plates up a fresh seafood dish for a bar patron.

The simple seafood dishes are among the most popular here.

The kitchen is enclosed behind plexiglass where you can see the fish on display.

These collossal shrimps are huge, like the size of a baby’s foot.

These are some seriously packed lobster tanks, but they are replenished really quickly at this restaurant.

Shrimp Asopado, a hearty soup.

Garlic Shrimp. I almost always order this at Newark restaurants.

Pork with Clams and Potatoes.

Shrimp Mozambique, Giant head-on prawns in a garlic and paprika sauce. A triple order.

Mussels Marinara

Mussel Portion closeup

Crab with Crab Salad.

Seafood Kebab

Jumbo raw seafood platter

6 Responses to NJ Dining: Seabras Marisqueira

  1. Looks like lot of people visit… it got to be good.

  2. Pedro says:

    You must really like your Portuguese food! I’m not from NJ, but I grew up on my family’s Portuguese food. If you go to a Portuguese restaurant, you leave happy. Bom apetite.

  3. Cachaca Dave says:

    This place was great! Thanks for posting the new pics Jason!

  4. Marun Manzur says:

    Seabras Marisqueria restaurant is my favorite since the first time I was there that was 12 years ago.Still my favorite food is incredible,and the friendly staff,nice open kitchen,good cookers staff.
    My favorites are:Portuguese steak,Paella,Mariscos in red salsa,fish on the grill,Ummmm…to many to list

    Marun Manzur PHP

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