BBQ NYC, a New York City-based privately run Barbecue event that’s been going on for about four years now, is probably the closest thing to a down-home Texas barbecue you’re going to find in the entire city. Run by Travis Mills and Rob Richter of Big Island / Hill Country BBQ, a competition barbecue group (soon to be opening their own restaurant in NYC) that recently won grand prize in the upstate New York’s Rib Fest, it is far from the largest barbecue gathering in the NY Metro Area, but its one of the most fun and enjoyable, and there’s always plenty of food to go around, provided you’ve bought your tickets way in advance. I was invited this year to document the event and to generally stand around and have a good time, which I absolutely did.

Travis and Rob, the boys in charge.

A nice view of the city from the park site.

BBQ NYC is held on Ward’s Island, which sits beneath the Triborough Bridge as well as the Hell Gate Bridge. It is a secluded park area that is inhabited by a water treatment plant and a psychiatric hospital, the New York City Fire Academy, a homeless men’s shelter, and has been the site of various sanitariums and such since the 1860’s. In many ways, you literally have to be crazy to come here.

Chef Zak Pelaccio of Fatty Crab and 5 Ninth restaurants was here helping out doing some of the cooking.


Hot Links imported from Elgin, Texas.

BBQ Chicken

Hot Links and Grilled Fish coming off the rig.

Texas Style Beef Brisket.

Brisket a Slicin’.

Chicken Legs.

Inko’s Tea was here as one of the event sponsors, and had plenty of bottles of their flavored white tea for everyone to go with the ‘Q. Inko’s is an all-natural product that doesn’t use any High Fructose Corn syrup like other bottled iced tea brands use. Its not very sweet and is more of an adult iced tea drink if stuff like Snapple isn’t your speed. I hadn’t had this before, I’m definitely going to look for it in stores from now on.

Dogfish Head was also here with kegs of their 60 Minute India Pale Ale and their Aprihop, which was formulated specifically for barbecue. Great stuff, and I’m definitely going to be looking for it in the future.

The Potluck area had all kinds of chips and salsas to try.

Gotta have watermelon when you’re having a barbecue.

The lines were orderly and there was plenty of food to go around.

The Hell Gate Railroad Bridge.

Triborough Bridge.

5 Responses to BBQ-NYC

  1. Nice stuff, Jason. Thanks for the heads-up about the entry. Glad you had fun– it was a super day of bbq…..

  2. Jaymes says:

    Curious about the “Texas-style” brisket.

    From the photos, it looks like the deckle is missing. Since that’s the best part of Texas-style BBQ brisket, I’m kind of wondering how “Texas-style” this stuff really is. I mean, from the photos, the “wet” part of the brisket is nowhere to be seen, and the “dry” part of the brisket really does look dry.

    So Jason, I know you’ve actually had Texas-style brisket IN Texas. How did this stack up?

  3. There was plenty of deckle but I didn’t manage to snap any shots of it. I was too busy eating it.

    I think Hill Country does a really good job with their Q and I think it stacks up nicely with what I’ve had in Texas. Really looking forward to them opening their new place.

  4. mepeethree says:

    looks like amazing fun! been looking for bbq professionals to cater an event next summer- and have some suckling pig on top of other favorites…anyone have a recommendation?

  5. […] first met Robbie Richter back in 2003 at the inaugural BBQNYC. The now-defunct annual barbecue picnic, which predates the Big Apple Barbeque Block Party, was my […]

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