NJ Dining Events: St. John the Theologian Greek Festival in Tenafly

The Greek Orthodox Cathedral of St. John The Theologian
353 East Clinton Ave, Tenafly NJ

Web site: http://www.gonj.org

The Cathedral of St. John the Theologian is one of the largest Greek Orthodox churches in the entire NY Metro area, and for one week in early summer they put on what I consider to be the very best of the Greek Festivals anywhere in the Tri-State region. The amount and variety of food that is served here is staggering, and cooked lovingly by moms and grandmoms of all ages.

I attend the festival every year, and I am never disappointed — because there’s so much stuff there, I usually have to go more than one time, and I like to get there early in the day to get takeout of the traditional dishes from the indoor area, such as Mousakka, Pastichio, Spanakopita and Keftedes. In the evening, the outdoor Ouzeri area has grilled Loukaniko sausage, Octopus and Souvlaki sticks, which you can pair with Ouzo, the famous licorice-flavored digestif. And if you aren’t completely full by then, there’s a whole pavillon with Gyros and charcoal-grilled burgers and Greek Fries.

A sample of what was served at the Greek Festival of St. John The Theologian Cathedral in Tenafly, NJ from May 31 to June 3 (Photos from 2004 festival).

The Cathedral of St. John The Theologian

Looking for homestyle Greek Food that you can only get once a summer? click on the “Read the rest of this entry” link below for more mouth-watering photos.

Click Here for Hi-Res Photos.

Assorted Greek Pastries (Above)

Spanakopita, Spinach and Feta Pie.

Cheese Pie (Foreground, Left)

Stuffed Flounder with Spinach and Lemon Sauce

Orzo Pasta

Lamb Shanks

Keftedes, spiced meatballs in tomato sauce

Stuffed Peppers

Pastichio, a casserole of Ziti pasta with with Meat, Eggplant and Bechemel Sauce

Mousakka, a similar casserole with eggplant

Mousakka closeup

Dolmades, Grape Leaves stuffed with rice, meat and cheese

Greek Salad

The Cathedral becomes the area’s biggest Greek restaurant for 4 days every year.

The Ouzeri serves beer, liquor and bar foods.

Ouzo, similar to Sambuca or Pastis, is an anise-flavored digestif.

The ouzeri grill.

Octopus, Pork Souvlaki kebabs, and Loukanikou sausage.

Loukaniko Sausage closeup.


Souvlaki on a stick.

Souvlaki closeup.

Souvlaki extreme closeup

Loukaniko sliced and plated. This is a pork sausage with a very lemony and herby flavor.

The festival has 4 gyro spits running full bore at all times.

The primary grill area.

More souvlaki!

Grilled vegetables

The main outdoor food menu.

Gyro Sandwich

Grilled chicken, which came out nice and tender and juicy.

Greek Fries

The main outdoor seating area

You can try one of the rides if you feel like throwing up your dinner.

Loukoumathes, Greek donuts being fried.

An order of Loukomathes with cinnamon/honey glaze.

3 Responses to NJ Dining Events: St. John the Theologian Greek Festival in Tenafly

  1. lauren says:

    this is the first year i am missing this since i sprained my ankle in the parking lot when i was 4. it’s the best festival there is.

  2. jpr54_ says:

    i went to festival this afternoon-the food was great

  3. Rachel Perlow says:

    We went a couple times over the weekend. Getting there in the early evening ensures juicy souvlaki sticks at the Ouzeri. The only disappointment this year was the mousakka. Way too pasty, but the pastichio and tiropita were excellent, and the gyro sandwiches were excellent, some nice crispy bits in there.

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