The Periodic Table of Condiments

Click photo for larger version

Why didn’t we think of this before?

3 Responses to The Periodic Table of Condiments

  1. Melissa says:

    Fudge Sauce 6-8 months

    Not in MY house!!

    I love this periodic table … I usually keep items longer but refrigerate many of them … with honey, I keep it in the pantry but when it crystallizes as it invariably does, I microwave it and use for cooking …

  2. is related by virtue of the Periodic Tables of food-related items …Periodic Table of Cupcakes …. but the Condiments is still more clever …

  3. Ben Day says:

    The periodic table of condiments was originally part of the story of my life, 365 Ben Days. Hit the link above to read excerpts.

    And not only that. You’ll also find more information on the subversive uses of jello, dance steps from other planets, and a coded twelve-step plan for world domination through aural hygiene.

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