NJ Dining: La Cachita

La Cachita Restaurant
4546 Bergenline Avenue
Union City, NJ

Union City represents something of uncharted territory for me, even after living in Jersey for almost 15 years now — and that’s a shame, because even after a cursory food discovery expedition, it appears to be an absolute treasure trove of Latin American cuisine, rivalling Calle Ocho in Miami (where we’ll be in a week or so — stay tuned). In particular, there’s a strip of Bergenline Avenue that goes on for about 10 blocks that’s literally store after store of Cuban, Colombian and Dominican eateries. There’s so many of them that even if you pick one at random, chances are you’ll still find something good to eat. Which is exactly what we did a few days ago.

La Cachita is a brand new restaurant, this particular space was a vegetable market only two months ago.

Looking for real Miami-style Cuban food? Click on the “Read the rest of this entry” link below for some mouthwatering photos.

The restaurant is pretty big, it closely resembles the type of Cuban restaurants you’d find in Little Havana.

La Cachita has a fresh seafood store with all kinds of ceviches and seafood salads, as well as fresh fish to take home.

The owner, Ramon (left) overseeing the operation.

Service is prompt and friendly.

Batidas, Cuban fresh fruit shakes, are avaliable in several exotic flavors. Rachel chose “mamey“.

Cortadito, or Cuban Cafe con Leche.

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice (Jugo de Naranja)

Sopa de Pollo, Cuban Chicken Soup.

Empenadas, Chicken and Beef.

Empenada de Queso con Guava (Cream Cheese and Guava Paste). It tasted a lot like a Jewish cream cheese and jelly sandwich, which is not at all a bad thing. In fact it was excellent.

Sandwich de Medianoche, a close cousin of the ubiquitous Sandwich Cubano, with pork (lechon) and ham, swiss and pickle. The primary difference is that a Medianoche uses sweet eggy bread, similar to challah or brioche, which is then toasted in the sandwich press. Medianoches are common in Miami but are less common in the NY Metro area, so I relish the opportunity to eat them.

Medianoches awaiting the press.

Lechon, Cuban roast pork for Medianoches and Cubanos.

Mofongo de Camarones, Shrimp with fried plantain mash and spicy sauce.

Chuletas de Cerdo, Pork Chops.

Flan de Caramel

8 Responses to NJ Dining: La Cachita

  1. dumneazu says:

    Union! I can hardly wait! I’ll be back there in a week! Thanks for this post – you gave me ideas for taking my brother and his fiance around to incredible Jersey eateries. He just closed his fancy restaurant in CA and wants no more truck with Northern Italian food… mofungo…. yesss… and there is a White Castle on the way back to Kennedy blvd, and we can stop off there for Korean groceries… Jersey has always been a surprising food magnet, all the more exotic after I have been living in Europe for twenty years.

    Does Guttenberg, NJ still consist of one city block with five liquor stores and six bars in the middle of downtown North Bergen?

  2. dum: Guttenberg still has a lot of liquor stores, yep.

    BTW, I love those Serbian hamburgers on your website.

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  5. Leo says:

    Hola , La Cachita es uno de los mejor restaurante en cuanto a precio ,
    calidad de producto y servicio . La mejor comida criolla cubana que se pueda disfrutar
    en NJ . De verdad que Ramon y Manolo supieron llevar sus gusto esquisito a NJ

  6. Dalmys says:

    Hola buenas tardes, me llamo Dalmaris soy cubana y vivo en Miami, no he ido nunca a comer a tu restaurante, pero mi prometido si come ahi… yo le hable de las comidas de nosotros, y pues fue a conocer de nuestras costumbres, y si que quedo encantado de hecho el siempre va almorzar ahi.
    Siempre que el esta comiendo me tiene al telef, y pues me comenta que es exquisita la comida, Felicito al Due~o de La Cachita, y siguale asi, por que tiene muy lindo su restaurante, y muy buena su comida. Mis Felicitaciones . Y aunque no este de cuerpo presente por ahora!!!, si estoy todos los dias con mi prometido. Chaito

  7. Glenda says:

    Want to share with everybody that La Cachita just opened another restaurant on 49th and Bergenline offering the same delicious food and friendly staff. Its a lot bigger!!!! Don’t visit Hudson County without visiting One of La Cachita Restaurant. Offthebroiler, visit La Nueva Cachita and give us your so appreciated review!!!

  8. Glenda says:

    Hola quiero compartir con ustedes que La Cachita abrio otro restaurante en la 49th y Bergenline, ofreciendo la misma comida criolla y deliciosa. El restaurante es mas grande que en de la 45th. No visite el Condado de Hudson sin visitar La Cachita Restaurant. La Cachita Restaurant es el mejor lugar para ordenes para fiestas.

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