The Whopperettes and Off the Broiler

On eG Forums we’ve been talking about the The Whopperettes, a Burger King-run website featuring 1930s-style showgirls dressed up in costumes resembling various hamburger accountrements. The Whopperettes were also featured in their own 30-second superbowl commercial.

First of all, I have a huge confession to make — I love fast food. I don’t make it a major component of my diet, but there are times when I have to put one down my throat and suffer the unpleasant consequences later. The Whopperettes are such effective advertising, that I really, really want a double whopper with cheese now. So much, that I decided to name my blog and its dot-com name ( after a Burger King-ism.

Off the Broiler is a “Have it your way” little known customer option on Burger King’s Point of Sale (POS) system. If you order your burger “Off The Broiler”, they take a fresh uncooked hamburger (or two, if you get a double), send it thru the broiler conveyor, and in about seven minutes, you get a freshly made hamburger, not one that’s been sitting under their heat lamps for God knows how long. Sure, it doesn’t give you that instant gratification, and if you go during a really busy lunch hour, it can probably take you ten minutes or more to get an OTB whopper, but it’s totally worth it.

So I’ve decided to name this blog Off The Broiler because this is going to be my fresh take on the food industry, restaurants, cooking, technology, politics, popular media, TV shows (Science fiction being a huge focus) along with my usual sick sense of humor and controversy attached.

Meanwhile I encourage you to come up with some bizarre creations on the Whopperettes web site. Knowing programmers, I’m fairly sure there has to be some easter eggs in there if you put in some bizzare condiment/dressing combos. I’ve already put in all ketchup and all cheese but that hasn’t yet yielded anything. Let me know if you find something!

3 Responses to The Whopperettes and Off the Broiler

  1. jhlurie says:

    Ah, nice little surprise with the name of the blog, Mr. Perlow. Good job.

    Mind you, last time I asked for a Burger King burger served off-the-broiler I got one heck of a confused look. The boss knew, but I’m not sure they always bother to tell the cashiers.

  2. Jake says:

    Thank you sir, for your “off the broiler” rec. on eG way back when. I have been a closet Burger King fan for too many years, yet didn’t know about this option. I use it whenever I go now (not often) and often get a look like I’m from outer space from cashier. It’s worth it though. Damn, I need a whopper with cheese now and there aren’t any BK’s near the office.

  3. Mr. Hazard says:

    Honestly, I’ve known about what “Off the broiler” was since my dad was a manager of a Burger King before. These past four to five visits to a specific Burger King which is one of two closet ones by my house, but this one that I go to is more of a convenience because its either on my way home or to school. All five times its been the same order, 2 Double Cheeseburgers(OB +On) and thats it. I never fealt like complaining about it until the fourth time when it wasn’t nowhere to being OB. So when I called to complain they told me that OB is just throwing it into the microwave and melting the cheese. Which I honestly knew it was wrong. Plus to me, the double cheeses taste worse after they’re thrown into the microwave. I mean really what is so hard about doing the OB correctly?

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