NJ Dining: Applegate Farm

Applegate Farm
616 Grove Street, Montclair, NJ
(973) 744-5900

Web Site: http://www.applegatefarm.com

NY Mob Boss Phil Leotardo gives a little talking to his sick little monkey nephew, Vito. Photo, HBO.COM

Some of you watching The Sopranos last weekend may have recognized the ice cream stand that was featured in the scene where NY mob boss Phil Leotardo gives “a talking to” Little Vito Spatafore — Applegate Farms in Montclair, NJ. While not the reported location of the final scene in the series, Applegate makes some damn good ice cream. I’ve brought this post from last year to the foreground so you can get the jump on the place before the summer crowds.


Looking to do a “talking to” some kids of your own over some great ice cream? Click on the “Read the rest of this entry” link below for more.

When its the hottest day of the year, what else but a frozen dessert is on your mind after a nice evening meal? For nearly 160 years, Applegate Farm, in Montclair, has been producing premium ice cream and serving it up to very appreciative crowds. There are currently eight stores, but all the ice cream is made at the Montclair location.

On a hot summer night, Applegate’s original Montclair location can be a mob scene.

On this evening, the entire parking lot was totally packed and police officers were there to keep things orderly.

Graham Central Station (left) and Mint Chocolate Chip (right)

Rachel likes Ice Cream cones.

I prefer the cups so I can try more than one flavor — Black Raspberry and Cake Batter.

Andy went for the Graham and the Mint Chocolate Chip combo.

8 Responses to NJ Dining: Applegate Farm

  1. Robyn says:

    Oh man, I’ve never been there before! Looks so good…

    …and i just went to the website and found that they’re opening one in my town soon! Ehehee! ICE CREAAAMMM!

  2. Larry Lennhoff says:

    Are they kosher certified?

  3. Rachael says:

    wow, i havent thought about applegate farms in 20 years…thank you. and mmmmm. :-)

  4. Jon says:

    It’s amazingly good ice cream. And yes it really has been there for 160 years in some form or other.

  5. Jon says:

    So iconic NJ Ice Cream stands are playing parts in TWO separate Sopranos episodes in this final season? Wow.

    Its funny that last year you actually used the phrase “On a hot summer night, Applegate’s original Montclair location can be a MOB scene.” Good call Jason!

  6. Sam Leibowitz says:

    Hey Jason, let me know next time you’re in town and I’ll take you to our local Handel’s.

    For what it’s worth, National Geographic thinks they have the best ice cream anywhere in the world. I don’t know how they really rate as a food guide, but it sure works for me.

  7. The Paper Boy says:

    25 years ago I used to deliver newspapers every morning around the Grove Street store. Saturday mornings I would sometimes treat myself to a double cone. I’m in Taiwan right now looking at the pictures of ice cream with my Taiwanese co-workers, assuring them that in their lives they’ve never eaten ice cream as tasty as Applegate Farm’s.

  8. MLawrence says:

    Applegate’s? Very good….
    Grunings. Better…
    Holsten’s. Still better….
    The Alderney Barn………the best!

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