NJ Dining: Su

Su Restaurant
The Marketplace Shopping Center
725 River Road, Edgewater NJ

Web Site: http://www.surestaurant.com/

The Record/Northjersey.com recently reviewed Su, a new Vegetarian restaurant in Edgewater, and gave it extremely favorable reviews (excellent). Rachel and I visited it several weeks ago, and enjoyed our experience greatly, so I thought I would share some of the photos of the restaurant’s food.

Su, Edgewater NJ by you.

Su storefront in Edgewater. Su is also in the same shopping plaza off River Road as Sushi Cruise, a new “Kaiten-style” sushi place.

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Su, Edgewater NJ by you.

The decor is of the ultra-modern, super minimalist type. Definitely of the kind of thing you’d see at some really trendy restaurant in Manhattan, not typically Jersey. Both Ming II and Mandoo Bar’s decor come to mind when I saw this place. Definitely Momofuku-esque.

Su, Edgewater NJ by you.

I was half expecting a whole crowd of folks wearing all black to come walking in. That, or a group of Vulcans.

Su, Edgewater NJ by you.

This is the Erynygii King Oyster Mushroom “Fries” appetizer. I liked this one a lot, but I thought it needed an interesting dipping sauce rather than just the salt, pepper and chopped up bell pepper.

Su, Edgewater NJ by you.

This Soy Chunk Malaysian Curry was a big hit. The spicy coconut curry was similar to that of a Thai Mussamun, served with flaky roti bread. Didn’t miss the meat one bit with this dish.

Su, Edgewater NJ by you.

This is a Grilled Oyster Mushroom and White Asparagus entree. Visually appealing, we liked it, even with the simple preparation.

Su, Edgewater NJ by you.

This is a Soy-based Kung Pao Chicken with Broccolini, which uses Cashews in place of the typical peanut preparation. It was prepared cleanly, and uses quality ingredients, but I was a bit disappointed in this dish because it had no heat at all. The owner, Calvin Soh, explained to us that most people seeking Chinese-Am type dishes on the menu aren’t looking for stuff that is heavily spiced, and that he will prepare any dish to whatever level of spiciness you like. Next time, I’m going to ask him to throw a bunch of chiles in there and really crank it up. Kung Pao with no heat? C’mon.

Su, Edgewater NJ by you.

On the other hand, we really liked this Vegetarian take on Chicken Soong a lot. This uses both pine nuts and zucchini with a Mushroom Oyster/Hoisin condiment rather than just the typical Hoisin sauce, which gives it a nice salty and sweet balance.

Su, Edgewater NJ by you.

Vegetarian Chicken Soong closeup.

Su, Edgewater NJ by you.

Brown Rice is served in these banana leaf cones.

Su, Edgewater NJ by you.

If you pull the banana leaf off, you get a nice little tower of rice.

Su, Edgewater NJ by you.

Calvin suggested we try the Eggplant Parmigiana. Rachel and I were split on this dish — I enjoyed the thin layered slices of breaded eggplant and the sweetish tomato sauce, whereas Rachel thought it was too bready and prefers her eggplant thicker. I’ve certainly had better eggplant parm elsewhere, which is not surprising that North Jersey is red sauce Italian-American ground zero.

Su, Edgewater NJ by you.

We both loved the Profiteroles dessert, stuffed with peanut butter and white chocolate, and served with vanilla ice cream and natural berry sauce. This went great with Su’s tea selection.

8 Responses to NJ Dining: Su

  1. missginsu says:

    Looks tasty. I usually overlook strip malls as food sources. Shame on me.

    I really love the presentation on the brown rice… Pure genius. And actually, that Malaysian Curry is driving me kind of crazy. I need to get some lunch…

  2. […] Sushi Cruise, which just opened in the Marketplace Shopping Center in Edgewater (which also houses Su, the new vegetarian Asian Fusion restaurant) is one of only a few such places in North Jersey and […]

  3. J says:

    good to know abt this place! but how did a lasagna dish end up at an “Asian Fusion” vegetarian restaurant?

  4. They aren’t strictly asian. They are vegetarian with both asian and italian stuff.

  5. sastre says:

    ¡Qué buena pinta tiene todo!

    Eduardo Sastre

  6. Calvin says:

    Hi everyone, I am the owner. I’m glad everyone is enjoying the cuisine. I’m sorry to say that due to high overhead, we’ll have to raise our prices above what they are already due to high rent and high food prices and well low business for that matter. I know that our pricing is not common for NJ, but then again neither is our service or food. Enjoy and thanks for enjoying Su. If you have any comments, feel free to call me direct at (201) 456-8888

  7. wow. the dishes looks great! I will surely visit your restaurant when I go to NJ.

  8. De D says:

    i heard that this place was now closed. can anyone confirm that? (hope not–i just learned about this place and am dying to try it out!)

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