Big Apple BBQ Block Party Friday Nite Pit Tour

Friday night, we went into Manhattan to go check out the pits (and to eat at Hill Country NYC BBQ on opening night, more on that later).

If you’re into the whole aspect of how barbecue is prepped and smoked, late Friday night is a great time to come in because the pitmasters are just sitting around babysitting their meat and drinking beer. And if you’re especially nice and friendly with them, there’s always a good chance of getting an early sample!

Click Here for Hi-Res Photos of the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party ’07.

Click Here to see the all the Big Apple Barbecue photos in a Flickr slideshow. 

Wanna see more smokers, and perhaps some early Q? Click on the “Read the rest of this entry” link below for more!

I like this one, particularly the stack.

Now that’s an awful lot of barbecue sauce!

Pork butts hitting the smoker at Big Bob Gibson.

Pitmaster Chris Lilly at Big Bob Gibson.

The Ubon’s pit.

Pitmaster Garry Roark among the smoke.

Garry being awfully friendly and offering us up some of the “crust” on the first pork butts to come out of the smoker.

The boys over at Memphis Championship BBQ prepping babybacks with “Magic Dust”

The Memphis Championship BBQ rig.

Author and ‘Q expert Amy Mills Tunnicliffe

The Baker’s Ribs Boys.

Briskets at Baker’s Ribs getting the smoke.

That Q smells a lot like a Montecristo!

Pitmaster Ed Mitchell of Mitchell’s BBQ.

Whole Hog rigs. This year Ed brought five of these rigs with him, each of which can smoke up an entire adult pig.

It may look like the Doomsday Machine planet eater from Star Trek, but it’s actually the firebox from Southside Market / Elgin Sausage.

The boys from Rack and Soul removing finished baby backs from the rib racks.

Baby Backs, ready for finishing.

Baby Back “crispy bits”. Oh boy did we like eating these.

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  1. […] with many of the pitmasters mentioned above. Off The Broiler has some excellent coverage, both from Friday night’s warm up and Saturday at the event. You can be sure Ed Levine will have some coverage up this week as […]

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