NYC Dining: Tabla Bread Bar

Tabla has recently announced that it will be closing December 30, 2010. I’ve added some vintage photos here from my Flickr archive of some of Floyd Cardoz’s best dishes.

Thanks for 12 wonderful years, Floyd and Danny.

Original post circa June, 2006, with updated never-seen photos from 2008.

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11 Madison Ave at 25th Street, New York, NY
(212) 889-0667

Tabla is another one of those Danny Meyer restaurants that I had been meaning to go to for several years, but just never had the time to do so. With the opportunity to interview various pitmasters the night before the Big Apple BBQ block party, I thought that a meal right across the street at the Bread Bar was an ideal place to begin an evening of major BBQ rig envy.

The Bread Bar at Tabla is an incredibly attractive space, with a domed ceiling with a modern fresco of Indian food ingredients on it.

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Our dining party ordered the Wazwan, the multicourse tasting menu composed of both hot and cold items. This was a somewhat customized version, prepared by Chef Floyd Cardoz for our group.

Sprouted Bean Chaat



Halibut Ceviche

Black Pepper Shrimp

Tandoori Squid

Tandoori Chicken Tikka

Chickpea Masala

This is a flatbread with a paneer cheese on top and with Indian spices.

Tea service

Flank Steak with Coriander, Black Pepper and Horseradish Raita

Mango Kulfi (Indian Ice Cream Pop)

Lamb Chops

Shrimp Curry

Bean Salad (Tamarind Flavor?)

Naan Bread

Executive Chef Floyd Cardoz

4 Responses to NYC Dining: Tabla Bread Bar

  1. […] Indian food is a cuisine that still mystifies me. I don’t eat enough of it to really know much about its dishes, although I know enough to be dangerous. There are a few mid-range Indian restaurants that I consider to be somewhat hardcore and authentic that I eat at a few times a year, such as Indian Chef, Kinara, and any number of serious places on Oak Tree Road in Edison such as Ming or Moghul or restaurants in NYC like Tabla. However, all of these are real restaurants in the traditional sense, and what you are getting is restaurant cuisine. I’ve been told, however, that the best Indian food is served not in restaurants, but in the homes of Indians. […]

  2. […] Click here for previous Off The Broiler post on Tabla.  […]

  3. Bruce says:

    I’m eating dinner as I look at this…. and yummmm. It’s making me even more hungry!
    So sad they’re closing. Why???

  4. Elizabeth Sutaria says:

    The only”high end”Indian restaurant that I have eaten at was the Madras Woodlands,in NYC (years ago)
    where my Indian husband brought me to have a vegetarian Thali lunch. It is sad
    that Tabla is going to end.The pictures of their stylish dishes were fun to see .I found
    it a little amusing —-one of the pictures had the umbiquitous “relish” tray I have
    seen in NYC Indian restaurants for 40 years! Well,tamarind sauce,coriander chutney,
    and chopped onions in hot pepper sauce are delish no matter what table they are on.
    I hope that Mr. Cardoz continues to cook in NYC–all the best to him!Elizabeth Sutaria

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