Six Years After 9/11: The Legacy of Windows on the World

This was originally posted one year ago, but I thought it was appropriate to revive it given my recent podcast with Michael Lomonaco (click for related OTB post) at Porter House.

Windows on The World Remembrance Site:

It seems to many of us that September 11, 2001 will always bring us to tears and anger. For so many who worked at the famous Windows on the World, 9/11 was an ending … but for their families and friends, some fragments remained behind. A very few of these appear here:

Bearing Witness To History: Windows On The World Part 1

Bearing Witness To History: Windows On The World Part 2

But what of the remaining survivors? The rebirth came in the form of a new restaurant called Colors

When the World Trade Center in New York was destroyed five years ago, the Windows on the World restaurant on the 106th floor lost over 70 of its staff. Now the survivors have opened Colors, and would rather you enjoyed your meal than offered your condolences.

On the wall of Colors, a new and decidedly more modest restaurant a few blocks away from what is now known as Ground Zero, a simple black plaque serves as a permanent memorial to the Windows staff who were on duty the morning of 11 September 2001.

Steaks, Not Sympathy (The Independent, September 10 2006)

Michael Lomonaco was Executive Chef, Jean Emy Pierre was Sous Chef and Kevin Zraly was Sommelier and Wine Director at Windows on The World on that fateful day. has an article about what these culinary professionals have done since September 11, 2001.

World Changes For Windows Veterans (USA Today, September 7 2006)

6 Responses to Six Years After 9/11: The Legacy of Windows on the World

  1. Jim says:

    Thank you so much for these links…I was rather numb to the day on the day itself, but now it’s all rushing back to me. So glad to see these people carrying on the legacy of Windows on the World without politicizing it or exploiting it!

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  3. Michael Reed says:

    Do you have a list of restaurant emplyees who died on Sept.11th?

  4. Michael Reed says:

    I do not see a list of those who died on Sept. 11th.

  5. Daniela says:

    Do you have a list of names of employees of the restaurant?

    Tx, D.

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