NJ Dining: Sushi Cruise

Sushi Cruise
The Marketplace Shopping Center
725 River Road, Edgewater NJ

Web Site: http://www.sushi-cruise.com

Click here for a short Sushi Cruise video.

I’ve said in the past that I’m a big fan of instant gratification. Kaiten (carousel) sushi, while popular in Japan, hasn’t taken off like one would think it would in the US yet, at least on the East Coast. Sushi Cruise, a new Kaiten-style sushi restaurant which just opened in the Marketplace Shopping Center in Edgewater (which also houses Su, the new vegetarian Asian Fusion restaurant) is one of only a few such places in North Jersey and New York City, which include East restaurant in Teaneck, which has been serving that style of sushi for about seven years now since its last renovation in 2001.

Sushi Cruise, Edgewater NJ by you.

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Sushi Cruise, Edgewater NJ by you.

The tables have a view of Manhattan, if you prefer your sushi a la carte.

Sushi Cruise, Edgewater NJ by you.

The sushi conveyor belt.

Sushi Cruise, Edgewater NJ by you.

First to be pulled off the conveyor — shrimp and tuna.

Sushi Cruise, Edgewater NJ by you.

Prices of kaiten items are color coded to plates.

Sushi Cruise, Edgewater NJ by you.

Sahimi Tuna with avocado, which we ordered a la carte.

Sushi Cruise, Edgewater NJ by you.

Sashimi appetizer.

Sushi Cruise, Edgewater NJ by you.

Smelt Egg roe I pulled off the conveyor.

Sushi Cruise, Edgewater NJ by you.

Beef Negamaki appetizer

Sushi Cruise, Edgewater NJ by you.

Negamaki close-up.

Sushi Cruise, Edgewater NJ by you.

A happy sushi chef.

Sushi Cruise, Edgewater NJ by you.

Putting the finishing touches on a sashimi order.

Sushi Cruise, Edgewater NJ by you.

A Salmon Tataki appetizer with a simple soy/sesame oil sauce and radish greens, I really liked this one. Generally speaking the a-la-carte sashimi appetizers at Sushi Cruise are excellent.

Sushi Cruise, Edgewater NJ by you.

A crazy sushi roll combination we ordered a la carte.

Sushi Cruise, Edgewater NJ by you.

More sashimi. Yum! This is thinly-sliced fluke in a ponzu sauce.

10 Responses to NJ Dining: Sushi Cruise

  1. […] storefront in Edgewater. Su is also in the same shopping plaza off River Road as Sushi Cruise, a new “Kaiten-style” sushi […]

  2. Nate says:

    Oh. my. gosh. That sushi looks excellent. Great pics. especially of the tuna in avocado. Was there soy sauce on the tuna and avocado?

  3. canarygirl says:

    Ooooooh! This place looks like a little piece of nirvana right here on earth!

  4. Nate: No, that was served on the side.

  5. John says:

    Lisa and I used to live up in Edgewater some years ago. We definitely miss having a place like the Mitsuwa store and all the places inside and around the store. * Sigh *

  6. Marie says:

    I have yet to try this style of sushi restaurant because I worry about it being fresh and of good quality. But, from your photos, everything looks fantastic and maybe it’s time for me to change my ways. There are certainly a number of carousel style sushi places here in California!

  7. polimorfos says:

    I believe that is Salmon roe (Ikura), not smelt…

  8. Steve says:

    We’ve been back several times. IMHO, it’s the best sushi experience, (combining accessibility, food, service, atmosphere and price) between Weehawkeen and Fort Lee.


  9. John says:

    Yes that is Ikura. Salmon egg. I went there once. my experience with this restaurant was average. Service was okay. Sometimes communicating to the waiters were a problem. The price was too high IMO. And thirdly,
    Going into a crowded shopping mall trying to compete for a parking space is not my idea of fun. The view was nice and the Udon soup wasn’ bad. However, I am not a fan of MSG. They do include the use of it. Which isn’t pleasant. Also the Carousel is also not my cup of tea. Too much of a gimmick. I didn’t see the practicality or need for such a device. Just my 2 cents. Overall, I do not recommend this restaurant to Sushi goers. Try
    another place.

  10. PamelaD says:

    Let me begin by saying that this review has zero to do with the food at Sushi Cruise – the service and management at this restaurant is ABHORRENT. I will never step foot in this restaurant again and hope anyone reading this review won’t either.
    My take out orders have been ruined 4 times by this restaurant. (1st time – they gave my order to someone else, 2nd time & 3rd time – they forgot two of the rolls I ordered, 4th time – I was told that my order of Ton Katsu was misheard as my name being ‘Tom’). So after the fourth time, I told the woman at the cashier that I never said my name was ‘Tom’ – she started LAUGHING IN MY FACE and didn’t provide any alternative solutions (which led to me having to go to McDonald’s to get dinner for a guest in my home – super classy). I called the manager of the restaurant the next day and after explaining my situation, was told that he could not deal with the situation and was subsequently hung up on THREE DIFFERENT TIMES.
    The service when I have gone to eat there is equally awful – the servers don’t understand English, repeatedly get orders wrong and are slow and unaccomodating. I implore you to get your mediocre sushi elsewhere – people this deficient in customer service don’t deserve anyone’s business.

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