I recently was asked to get some “mug shots” taken that will be used for a rather large computer industry website which I will be writing for on a regular basis shortly. All I can say is… “Dork!”

9 Responses to Superdork

  1. Young says:

    As a fellow balding man, I want to give you some advice. Please don’t take it the wrong way. You have to shave off the fuzz on top. Either shave your entire head or clean up the top of your scalp. Sorry if I was too personal but as a balding man we have to stick together. Love your blog. I have gone to a few restaurants that you reported on and was not disappointed.

  2. Irwin says:


    The new slimmed down version is definitely nothing like a “DORK” super or not.

    Maybe the look in your eye transcends a rabbinical aura. Anyway now the dorks are more popularly know as “GEEKS”, being a ultimate geek your are entitled to be crowned a “SUPER GREEK”.

    Consulting, writing a column, articles, blogging and actually understanding programming language entitles you, but we must add something extra for your photo skills and ability to actually write a recipe to the coveted: “TASTY SUPER GEEK”.


  3. AW c’mon! I just got a haircut and everything!

  4. Michele L says:

    I have to agree with Young. My husband now shaves his head after many years of a style just like yours. I’m so glad he does. These mugs shots prove, you too would look wonderful shaven. The 6 o’clock (?) shadow would look good on you too, when you can’t be bothered shaving. You have a beautiful round head, it’s perfect for that look. What do you think?

  5. Fred says:

    Leave Jason alone he is looking good with the hair he has and the weight loss is great!

  6. Melissa says:

    I like the new Jason Perlow! He is on his way to a life which will bring him length of days … blessed are the dieters … The reddish fuzz makes him look erudite, young and savvy .. go for it, JP!

  7. Joey Deckle says:

    Dork schmork! While I commend your dieting efforts, I come to this site for food news. Let’s see some picks of you that scream food geek, perhaps biting into a Five Guys Burger or *shudder* a rice cake.

  8. dumneazu says:

    Congrats! You seem to have lost three chins! Started in November, and already we see BIG results! While I was in NJ I used your blog to guide us to great spots.. it caused me to add to my bulk… now I think I am about to follow your – non-atkins – path to a bit less girth. Of course, that will be a bit of a struggle, since we live in Budapest and we love to eat… but you are an inspiation, really! Thanks, and it is good to see more postings from you!

  9. Rosie says:

    jason–You are looking great. Congrats. RS

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