Meatopia III

Tuesday night I had the privelege of attending Josh Ozersky’s (Mr. Cutlets) birthday party at Harry’s on Water Taxi Beach. Unlike the previous event that I had attended there, the weather was absolutely gorgeous, and we got some great photographs as well as a cool video to show you (click for Google Video)

The party was a veritable who’s who of the foodie elite, ranging from some of the top chefs and restaurant owners in NYC to the best food writers in the entire country.

Here was the menu as presented in courses:

First Course

Grilled House-Smoked Berkshire Bacon — Scott Smith, RUB Barbeque

Second Course

American Royale Championship chicken — Robert Richter, Hill Country BBQ

Third Course

Pulled Pork Trio:

Traditional Pulled Pork – Robert Richter, Hill Country BBQ

Hot Chili Oil Pulled Pork — Zak Pelaccio, 5 Ninth / Fatty Crab

Porky Pork with Pork Sauce — Zak Pelaccio, 5 Ninth / Fatty Crab & Mr. Cutlets

Main Course

Deckle Trio:

Smoked Brisket with Marrow Jus, Rego Park Style — Robert Richter, Hill
Country BBQ

Malaysian “Fatty Brisket” — Zak Pelaccio, 5 Ninth / Fatty Crab

Rick Schmidt ‘s Brisket — Mr. Cutlets

Limited Tastings

Five-Spice Short Ribs, Turmeric-Glazed Breast of Lamb, East Village Polish Links — Mr. Cutlets

And as if this menu wasn’t enough as it is, Harry Hawk made sure there were plenty of pork tacos and Motz Burgers to go around, just in case you were still hungry.

Chef Zak Pelaccio

Porky Sauce being pummeled

Bacon being crumbled for Porky Sauce

Marrow Bones being brined and cooked to render juices

Pork Tacos by Harry Hawk


Rob Richter of Hill Country BBQ making sure everything is perfect

BBQ pork shoulder

Porky Pork with Pork Sauce

3 Responses to Meatopia III

  1. Bob G says:

    What the hell is Porky pork with pork sauce?
    Looks great.

  2. They took a ton of bacon with a lot of parsley and made like a bacon pesto out of it to top pulled pork.

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