I Guess I’m Sticking with Medeco

The most popular locking mechanism in the world utilizes the pin tumbler design, first developed 4000 years ago in Egypt and then rediscovered and perfected a century and a half ago by Linus Yale. There are billions of these locks in the world and they come in all sizes, configurations, and security ratings. Some are secure; most are not, and even some high security rated cylinders can be easily compromised. All that is required to open many types of pin tumbler cylinders — the kind of lock that probably keeps the bad guys out of your home — is a bump key and a tool for creating a bit of force.

The Lockdown: Locked, but not secure (Part I) – Engadget

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One Response to I Guess I’m Sticking with Medeco

  1. Milan says:

    This is definitely a concerning revelation. More people should know that the vulnerability exists.

    (My post on it is here)

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