Gothamist/A Hamburger Today QBQ A Resounding Success

Well, the weather was clearly against us, but the burgers and the good humor prevailed. If you missed the event, be sure to watch this flash video with the best highlights (click) and be sure to listen to the podcast with Mr. Cutlets, George Motz and Adam Kuban (click).

I can’t emphasize how much rain we got today, for those of you non-NYers. Torrential downpours literally nonstop this afternoon.

Great day for a beach party!

If its gloomy, hit the bar!

The grill area was the center stage of the event.

The fries were truly killer.

Despite the weather, attendance was very strong.

A Hamburger Today’s Adam Kuban and his friends at Gothamist kept the crowds in good spirits despite the incredibly sticky humidity. Do like Adam — always have a beer in hand.

Burgers were flying off this grill in ridiculous quantities.

A perfectly rare and juicy Motz Burger.

Meat expert and food writer Josh Ozersky, AKA “Mister Cutlets” admiring the griddle.

A view across the East River.

George Motz, Hamburger America film director and celebrity griddle master for the event.

New Mexico Green Chiles, for the Green Chile Cheeseburgers.

Le Carte.

The burger line.

When he’s not scarfing pizza, this is generally what Adam is typically doing.


Night falls on NYC.

5 Responses to Gothamist/A Hamburger Today QBQ A Resounding Success

  1. Sound Bites says:

    Burger Me!…

    Saturday’s very inclement weather couldn’t keep nearly burger enthusiasts away from the QBQ BBQ at Water Taxi Beach, brought to us by A Hamburger Today and Gothamist. The shindig recreated some of our country’s more idiosyncratic burgers, featured i…

  2. […] Tuesday night I had the privelege of attending Josh Ozersky’s (Mr. Cutlets’) birthday party at Harry’s on Water Taxi Beach. Unlike the previous event that I had attended there, the weather was absolutely gorgeous, and we got some great photographs as well as a cool video to show you (click for Google Video) […]

  3. Doug says:

    I’m actually in one of these pictures, the one entitled “Despite the weather, attendance was very strong.” I’m in the bottom left corner wearing a purple shirt.

  4. […] you managed to miss A Hamburger Today/Gothamist QBQ last year at Water Taxi Beach, and you kicked yourself in the head for missing out on those great […]

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