Miami Dining: El Mago De Las Fritas

El Mago De Las Fritas
5828 SW 8th Street, Miami FL
Phone:(305) 266-8486

Web Site:

Twitter: @magodelasfritas

Since moving to Florida I’ve started to acclimate myself with the other local food bloggers. By far, the most serious blogger (and food truck fair organizer) in Miami has to be Sef Gonzalez, also known as “The Burger Beast.”

As his name suggests, he’s big on burgers and all kinds of casual dining kinds of stuff. I first learned about him when watching George Motz’s Burger Land show on The Travel Channel, where he was featured in an episode about hamburgers and food trucks in Miami.

Miami of course is known for a specific type of hamburger, the Cuban “Frita”. I’ve written about Fritas before, specifically El Rey De Las Fritas, which is probably the most well-known establishment serving this particular style of burger.

Lesser known is El Mago De Las Fritas (Burger Beast post), which is owned by another member of the same family. It only has one location, and a much more limited menu than El Rey. But it has its adherents and now that I have been there, I understand the allure of the place.

For the last couple of weeks Sef and I had been planning to hook up and to talk about stuff we could do together. He suggested we have breakfast on a Saturday at El Mago. Fritas for breakfast? Okay then.

The magic awaits at El Mago De Las Fritas on Miami’s Calle Ocho. Click on the “Read the rest of this entry” link below for more.

Sef Gonzalez, The Burger Beast. And he has an appetite that lives up to his name. I’m a total lightweight compared to this guy.

Cortadito. Stronger than a Cafe Con Leche or a Cafe Au Lait. An espresso topped with a little bit of steamed milk. I start every Cuban meal with one of these usually.

This is a Sandwich De Tortilla. This is eggs with shoestring potatoes and onions, and optionally ham and cheese.

This is a Frita Doble (double spicy meat patty) a Caballo (Runny Fried Egg) and melted cheese. In my opinion, when ordered this way, this has the ideal ratio of protein to starch on a Frita. The runny egg and cheese really brings it home.

Sef thinks you look like a tourist if you order a Frita with cheese. Maybe. But I dissent on this.

A thing of beauty.

Also not to be missed is his Pan Con Bistec (steak sandwich) which has been heavily marinated and cooked in the frita juices. I ordered this with extra onions.

Batido de Frutabomba (Papaya Milkshake). Cause you need something to wash it all down with.

My second Cuban Coffee of the AM. A “Colada” of espresso.

El Mago practicing his craft.

Here is El Mago (“The Magician”) in all of his glory, with a plate of croquetas (Potato and Ham Croquettes) that just left the deep fryer.


Croquetas closeup. I had one of these when they were lava burning hot with a touch of his home made habanero hot sauce. Fantastic.

We had made it there early enough to observe El Mago cooking a fresh batch of chicharrones. He only makes Chicharrones on Saturdays, so get there early.

They look good, don’t they?

The cutting ceremony.

Chicharrones portion. Fried pork. Yum.

A traditional pastelito de guayaba (Guava)

A plate of home made Dulce de Leche. This is different from other kinds I have had before, it has more of a granular rather than a creamy texture.

5 Responses to Miami Dining: El Mago De Las Fritas

  1. I gotta to say that your new local food guide and muse sure looks like he enjoys what he does.

  2. I’m heading out to El Caney in Bergenfield, NJ this week. As I’m enjoying the meal I will think of you cause you were the one who found the place.

  3. Tiana Dewar says:

    This place looks like my kind of place! Really enjoying your food blog.

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