Florida Dining: El Rey De Las Fritas

El Rey De Las Fritas
Multiple locations in Miami

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Twitter: @reydelasfritas

El Rey De Las Fritas has been a Miami favorite of mine ever since I started this blog back in early 2006. The Cuban-style  family owned and operated burger micro-chain (they have 4 locations in the Miami-area) has recently been profiled on George Motz’s Burger Land on the Travel Channel, and business has been a boomin’.

I recently visited the Calle Ocho location, and brought along my iPhone 5 to take some new photos. Here’s a consolidation of all my visits since 2006. Enjoy.

Miami Calle Ocho Storefront, late at night.

Calle Ocho dining room

The Bird Street location of El Rey De Las Fritas. Note that it has a walk up window, where you can get all kinds of empanadas and croquetas, plus cortaditos and cafecitos, Cuban coffee. Forget Starbucks when you are in Little Havana!

Prepare for burgers, Cuban-style. Click on the “Read the rest of this entry” link below for more.

The menu

I always order a  Cortadito, a double shot of Cuban-style espresso with milk.

Ironbeer (pronounced EEE-Ron-Beer) is a Cuban soft drink, which is red colored and tastes like Cream Soda. Originally from Cuba, It’s now produced in Florida.

There’s also a diet version.

The Frita accouterments. That big pile in the back is frizzled, fried onions combined with shoestring potatoes.

You can see pictures of the stuff you want to order on top of the counter.

Fritas on the grill!

A Batido de Chocolate (Chocolate Shake) being blended.

A closeup of the grill prep area. Here we have highly seasoned burger meat, mixed with Cuban spices, seasoned and pounded steak, Light and airy Criollo bread, and American Cheese.

A Frita double order.

A Batido de Frutabomba. Probably the best Papaya shake, ever. We also got a Mango shake as well, which was equally awesome.

Batido de Mamey. Although that the fruit looks like a small papaya, it tastes very different.

All the different kinds of batido/fruit shakes.

Fresh-squeezed sugar cane juice.

Frita con Queso, with the frizzled onions and shoestring potatoes and “Secret Sauce”.

Another Frita con Queso closeup.

Interior view

El Rey’s pork sandwich (Pan Con Lechon) is fantastic. I order mine with extra onions.

Sausage sandwich, Cuban-style.

A classicly-styled Sandwich Cubano. Very ham heavy but the melted cheese on this is fantastic.

Pan con Bistec (Steak Sandwich) with everything.

Steak Sandwich closeup.

Tostones, fried plantains with garlic mojo.

This is a Tamal, covered with a fried egg and served with Masitas, fried pork cubes.

Bunuelos, fried dough flavored with aniseed/fennel.

Empanadas and Croquettas, freshly baked and fried on premises.

7 Responses to Florida Dining: El Rey De Las Fritas

  1. daisy says:

    i actually went to the the original one on Calle Ocho, and I have to agrre with you…it was very awesome! looks like you made good use of your time in Miami ;-)

  2. Yamil Gonzalez says:

    Hello, I wanted to take the time and thank you for your wonderful page on my business, we work very hard to maintain the quality and service all our customers deserve, it is wonderfull to hear all these comments, It shows us all these years of hard work pays off. I am creating a new web page for El Rey de las Fritas and I wanted to know if I can use a link to your web pages, I think you web site is great, please respond when possible, Again ,thank you very much.
    El Rey de las Fritas
    Yamil Gonzalez

    • Vanessa G says:


      I love the Fritas! I am up North and I’m working on opening a Frita location here…Can you provide some helpful advice and ideas on making some of the best Frita’s North.

      Please contact me via email at vanessa100800@yahoo.com

      I really look forward to hearing from you..


  3. Myriam (Aparicio) Dwyer says:

    I have dropped to say Greetings. And wonderng how have you been? Great to see Fritas has done so well. Moved to central FL and I need to say I miss the Fritas.


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  5. […] the next night brought me down the street to El Rey de las Fritas. A few years ago Rachel and I went to one of their other locations because this location, their Calle Ocho flagship store, was under construction, after moving from […]

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