BLT Season

Mid-May is about when I start eating BLTs again. It begins when I start seeing decent imported tomatoes come in to the local supermarkets and produce stores, and reaches its peak in July and August when the farmers markets are in full swing and my own garden grown Jersey tomatoes start coming in. August is when my own tomato plants are in overdrive production mode and BLTs start to become major meals as opposed to just lunches.

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The above sandwich was made with the amazing slab smoked bacon from the Swiss Pork Store in Fair Lawn, NJ, hand sliced, using vine-ripened Israeli tomatoes and romaine lettuce hearts.

8 Responses to BLT Season

  1. Doug says:

    bacon tastes good

  2. Beelzebubba says:

    Israeli Tomatoes and pork? Heh. Instead of a BLT you should call that thing a “Backslider.”

  3. […] Filed under: 1. Washington, DC In Off the Broiler, founder of EGullet Jason Perlow marks May as the end of his BLT hiatus, which reminded me of my local favorite, the fried green tomato BLT at Cafe St. Ex.  Anything […]

  4. spamwise says:

    Everything goes better with bacon. Even ice cream. ;)

  5. Peter Cohen says:

    Just wash the romaine thoroughly. Remember what happened last time you ate filthy lettuce.

  6. Oh is bacon ever good … food of the gods. it is. Hey, I like this blog’s perspective, Mr. Perlow. I’ll talk ya up!

  7. weeklymeals says:

    Love the photo in this post it really gets your taste buds wanting a BLT, for me a great amongst sandwiches. Check out my blog let me know what you think :o)

  8. Daniel says:

    Man, now I’m really HUNGRY! Thanks for the post.

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