NYC Dining: Porter House New York (2011)

Porter House New York
Time Warner Center, 4th Floor
10 Columbus Circle, New York, NY
(212) 823-9500

Web Site:

When my wife’s birthday approaches, the question is always the same: “Where would you like to go out for dinner?”

There are certainly many fine restaurants in New Jersey and in New York City. Too many to choose from, actually. But Rachel wanted to go somewhere that the food and the service was going to be impeccable and where the ambiance and the sheer “New Yorkishness” was also outstanding as well.

Given that criterion, there aren’t a lot of places that fit all of those parameters very well. But amazingly, we both looked at each other and said “Porter House?”

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I’ve covered Porter House New York before. When people tell me they want a really nice steak, that they’re going to be in the city dining with friends, and they want to be treated really well, the restaurant often pops up on the top my list.

The steaks are probably some of the best in the entire city, and they have a full compliment of other dishes including some very nice fish and seafood presentations that are fantastic if you don’t want to eat meat.

They’ve also got a great bar menu with outstanding burgers and other casual items in case you’re a single diner or don’t want the full formal dining room experience. We’ve frequently done that when we go out to a Broadway show on a weekend and want to have a nice leisurely lunch before seeing an early show.

And the view? Oh, the view. In the daylight, if you’re sitting in the dining room by the window, you get a full panorama of Columbus Circle and all the hustle and bustle that is New York City.

At night, everything lights up glorious.

And you can’t find a nicer chef on the entire planet than Michael Lomonaco. Who always treats me and Rachel like family when we go.

Porter House New York Main Dining Room.

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Bread service seems like a fairly elementary thing for a fine dining restaurant, but very few of them do it as well as Porter House does. I really love the multigrain and the really excellent sweet butter that it’s served with. The hardest part is sending these guys away when they keep coming back. Fresh bread flows like water in this place.

Rachel isn’t a huge wine drinker so I had the head sommelier bring me out something interesting by the glass. I told him I’d probably be ordering steak that evening and I wanted something really bold with nice tannins, so he suggested this Ruca Malen Petit Verdot from Argentina.

Petit Verdot is a varietal I hadn’t tried before as I am normally a Pinot Noir, Cabernet, Tempranillo, Priorato, Nebbiolo or Sangiovese kind of guy when I am eating meat but it went phenomenal with the steak that evening.

Apparently it is a very old varietal that was once used in a lot of Bordeaux blends in France, but is now being used in other countries to make very big, bold wines.

Thus beginneth the meat rumpus, a classic steak tartare with cornichons, capers and hard boiled egg, made out of prime minced raw steak and eaten over toast points. Rachel was a little freaked out about eating raw meat but she got over it pretty quickly. I absolutely loved this tartare.

Gazpatcho was on the menu as the weather was turning quite balmy. Rachel ordered this as her appetizer, and it is a classic preparation. Probably one of the best traditionally prepared ones I’ve ever had.

Arugula Salad with Roasted Peppers, Grape Tomatoes, Sicilian Olives, Shaved Pecorino-Romano. Hey, Michael has to throw the Italian in there somewhere.

Michael sent out a butter poached 2lb shelled Maine Lobster over truffled mash potato puree with leek crisps and English peas. Killer.

Rachel’s entree, the organic Scottish Salmon with asparagus, fava beans, tarragon and chardonnay butter. I had some qualms with her over ordering one of the less-adventurous fish entrees at one of the top steakhouses in Manhattan, but after I tasted it I changed my mind. It’s really good.

And what do you think I got?

Of course I got a steak. But not just any steak, a prime hanger steak. The hanger steak is actually one of the more “value-priced” items on the menu, at $32, but everyone knows that this is one of the meatiest, steaky-ist and most flavorful cuts there is. They don’t call it the Butcher’s Cut for nothing. This one is served in a shallot and cabernet wine sauce, with caramelized onions on top. And yes it was as good as it looks.

Can’t go to a steakhouse without ordering the proper side dishes.

I thought that you might appreciate the extreme close-up of the creamed spinach with the thick-cut bacon on top. This is as porn as spinach gets.

Strawberry Shortcake. Summer, right?

Warm peach crumble. Mmmmmmm.

The cookie platter. We ended up taking most of these guys home, sneaking a bunch later on at night.

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