Podcast #40: Gothamist/A Hamburger Today QBQ 2 BurgerCAST

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Saturday, July 28 2007 was the Second Annual Gothamist/A Hamburger Today/SeriousEats QBQ, an event highly anticipated by New York City metro area burger enthusiasts held at Harry’s At Water Taxi Beach in Long Island City, New York. This year, three burger varieties were prepared chosen from the results of a popular vote taken on the Gothamist web site — The Pimento Cheese Burger, The Butter Burger, and the Onion Burger. I spoke to event organizers Adam Kuban, Harry Hawk and Ed Levine, as well as with bloggers/net foodies from Grub Street (Josh Ozersky), Foodite (Gerald San Jose), Midtown Lunch (Zach Brooks), Foodist Colony (David Zeigler) and Beef Aficionado (Nick Solari).

Click Here to see the QBQ 2 Video

7 Responses to Podcast #40: Gothamist/A Hamburger Today QBQ 2 BurgerCAST

  1. Melissa says:

    This was wonderful, Jason! I loved the comments on putting Plugra on a burger and I have to agree with you about the rarer the better …

  2. Mike says:

    Hello sir–

    We blogged about it too! I really like your photos.

    mike “not the amateur gourmet” awkward

  3. […] additional coverage, check out Adam’s wrap-up at AHT, Jason Perlow’s excellent in-depth coverage at Off the Broiler (he’s got audio, video, and photos) and that was probably awkward’s post about the […]

  4. […] Podcast #40: Gothamist/A Hamburger Today QBQ 2 BurgerCAST Click Here To Listen to the BurgerCAST […]

  5. Mike says:

    We moved to typepad and I left the old link! Sorry!

    the right link is: http://probablyawkward.typepad.com

    The podcast was great… somehow I’ve never been to the Spotted Pig for a burger!

  6. […] of burger meat from the Gothamist/AHT QBQ and heading back over the Queensboro Bridge from Long Island City, my thoughts centered around what […]

  7. […] Kuban, Jason Perlow and a whole lot of burger lovers. Jason has very comprehensive coverage over at Off The Broiler. Big thanks to the […]

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