Podcast #36: Bourbon BBQ and Chef Gary Needham

Bourbon BBQ
529 Goffle Road, Wyckoff NJ

Web Site: http://www.silveroakbistro.com/bbq.html

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Chef Gary Needham of Bourbon BBQ and Silver Oak Bistro

Ribs finishing on the grill.

The jumbo “Garbage Plate” with everything on it — Ribs, Rib Tips, Pulled Pork, Chicken, Brisket, Sausage.

A medley of side dishes — Potato Salad, Coleslaw, Mac and Cheese, Greens, and BBQ Beans with meat debris.

Happy Diners

The counter area.

Bourbon BBQ was designed to look just like a dive BBQ place down South.

5 Responses to Podcast #36: Bourbon BBQ and Chef Gary Needham

  1. dumpling says:

    hey Jason!

    How are you doing?

    Checked out this place at their grand opening party. Certainly a good place to add to the neighborhood which really has been crying for more barbecue.

    I liked the brisket the best; I haven’t had the opportunity(or perhaps ability) to try the “Garbage Plate” but it certainly looks enticing.

    I want to give it anthor go soon. What do you think of the smoke on the meat?

    Give my regards to Rachel.



  2. In our order of what we liked best, I’m going to say the brisket, then the chicken, and then sausage, ribs, and pulled pork, I think the brisket has the smokiest flavor currently, the chicken is nice and juicy, sausage is moist and has a good smoky flavor. The ribs are juicy and tasty but are not as smoky as the other stuff (unless you count the rib tips which are quite smoky but not as juicy) same with the pulled pork. But I like everything there, its definitely excellent quality BBQ.

    Gary uses Hickory wood more or less exclusively as his flavoring wood, which is definitely one of the gentler flavoring woods when used in smoking. It doesn’t have the punch of Mesquite or Oak. However you can smoke a lot longer with it and use more of it without worrying about the taste going bitter or acrid in the meat, and it doesn’t overpower the natural flavor of the meat either. So that’s something to consider when evaluating his Q.

  3. double 0 says:

    Tried to go Sat nite 8:15 pm, out of food we were told. I guess I’m going to have to let them get their act together.

  4. Dry says:

    “meat debris”??????

    Hahahahah, that’s great. One of the most unpretentious names for a foodstuff that I’ve ever come across.

    I wish I had a place like this near to me.

  5. Teresa Duffy says:

    Just a quick note to let you know that I am a HUGE fan of your place.
    been a hobby of mine for several years to try all the barbecue places
    in the
    metro area (mostly in NYC) and I am somewhat discerning when it comes
    barbecue. I don’t know of too many true southern barbecue pits in the
    as most are Portugese type (which I like but don’t come close to
    and of course the chain restaurants where you can get quality baby
    backs but
    no dry rub or true smoked meat. I work nearby in Saddle Brook and
    have appointments in Midland Park, so I saw when your unassuming place
    opened and was curious to check it out. It took a while for me to find
    convenient time to try it, but last month I finally did and now I am
    It started with the pulled pork and I was quite surprised how flavorful
    hearty the sandwich was. It’s a good sign when you don’t need to add
    I liked it so much I went back the next day for lunch again. A month
    later I
    found myself on my way to MP on my lunch hour, so I stopped in an
    picked up
    a rib sandwich b/c I wanted to try the ribs but didn’t want to spend
    $25 on
    lunch. I was pleased to see that the amount of ribs provided for the
    sandwich was very fair and their was enough meat to make a lunch out of
    What I was not prepared for was HOW AMAZING these dry rub ribs were. I
    every bite, every morsel, even ate the bread after (though not as a
    sandwich, just b/c the bread was soaked with the pork flavor and I
    get enough. The smokey flavor of the meat was heavenly, the meat was
    and not too fatty, the dry rubbed spices dazzled my tastebuds. I have
    thinking about these ribs for a week straight now, I think I’m
    Anyway, GREAT JOB. I’m a fan for life! Glad to have some genuine pit
    ‘cue in

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