NYC Dining: Mandoo Bar

Mandoo Bar
2 West 32nd Street, New York, NY 10003

When I’m not eating Korean food in Northern New Jersey, where we have a huge selection of Korean restaurants to choose from, I’m eating it on 32nd street, in Manhattan’s Little Korea. One of the things I really like about Little Korea is everything is packed into one long block, and on a nice day you can visit all the cool shops and restaurants, and choose from various different food specialists as opposed to general Korean restaurants that serve things like Kalbi and Bulgogi.

One specialist place which I have been wanting to go check out for quite a while is Mandoo Bar, a small eatery specializing in Mandoo, or Korean dumplings. Similar to the Chinese dumpling (Jiaozi) or Japanese Gyoza, these are made fresh right in the store window and are either boiled or fried, depending on the type you order. What this results in is almost kind of a Dim Sum, quick serve concept restaurant if you stick to that part of the menu, although there are other (very good) Korean dishes you can order as well.

Mandoo Bar storefront on 32nd Street.

Ready for dumplings of the highest order? Click on the “Read the rest of this entry” link below for more.

The different kinds of Mandoo are prepared fresh right in front.

Freshly rolled and cut Mandoo wrappers

Vegetable and Seafood Mandoo ready to be boiled

Mandoo close up

Goon Mandoo (Pork/Scallion) ready for the boil

Boiling up Mandoo

Because the Mandoo Bar concept is so easy to grok, it gets quite a bit of business from Americans as well.

And of course Koreans!

Complimentary radish Kimchi appetizer (banchan)

Fried Goon Mandoo (Pork and Scallion)

Goon Mandoo Closeup

Assorted Mandoo plate

Seafood Mandoo

Vegetable Mandoo

Jap Chae, Korean-style stir fried glass noodles with beef and vegetables

Dolsot (Stone Bowl) Bibimbap, a popular Korean rice dish.

The vegetables and meat are mixed up in the bowl, which comes out absolutely burn your hands off hot. This fries up the meat and veggies and the rice gets crunchy/burned in some parts, which is exactly what you want. A spicy sauce is then mixed in.

13 Responses to NYC Dining: Mandoo Bar

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  3. Lawrence says:

    I have never been to Mandoo Bar and I would live to go there, but I just have to say overall there is nothing like Korean food. Ever since my first bite of kimchi, I have never gone back to eating Chinese or Japanese. Korean food isnt as greasy as Chinese while at the same time is much more flavorful than Japanese. Any group of people who can come up with japchae, kimchi jjigae and most of all SOJU deserves all the praise in the world. I too am from Bergen County NJ, so I am blessed to have this large Korean diaspora near my presence.

  4. LindaNYCSEA says:

    Loved it! We really liked everything we ordered and the service was good. I enjoyed watching the ladies make the dumplings in the glass storefront. Thanks for finding this gem on a great street.

  5. Danny says:

    Best place EVER for dumplings. It’s fast and it’s good and the portions/price are perfect. A friend of mine and I stumbled upon it after touring the handbag district and it really hit the spot!

  6. Pan says:

    Jason, which types of mandoo did you like best? I’ve been to Mandoo Bar once and thought what I had was just OK (I tend to go to Han Bat when I want a cheap meal in Koreatown), but I was by myself and tried nowhere near as much food as you did.

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  9. RK says:

    We visit 3-5 Korean restaurants every time my husband and I visit NYC and Mandoo Bar was the WORST one we’ve ever been to. All the Korean restaurants in the area are a lot better than that. We thought it would be a good place since they were shown on a Korean TV show but we regret that we went there. We went there last weekend and I ordered Combo Mandoos so I can try three different mandoos (pork, seafood and veggie). I got them 10 minutes later and they all tasted the same and bland. My husband ordered Ramen with Mandoos and he had to wait 30 minutes to get his food. The restaurant wasn’t especially busy at that time and I know it takes less than 10 minutes to make ramen so we don’t understand why it took so long. When we complained to the waiter, he told us to wait only a couple more minutes, and we had to wait 10 more. My husband finally got his ramen, but guess what, it was barely cooked! Also, on the way to the bathroom, I found the side dishes piled next to the bathroom door, all opened. We decided not to complain again since we were about to miss our bus. We went to there because we wanted something quick before we catch our bus and we knew places like that serve food pretty quickly but we had to wait so long and almost missed our bus.

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  11. Chika says:

    I absolutely love Bibimpap. Ahhh.. I can’t get enough of it. Made it yesterday and it tasted amazing :P..

  12. Bamola says:

    I went to Mandoo tonight and it was a fantastic experience! Loved the dumplings and the dolsot bibimbap.

    Your pix are great btw! You totally captured the essence of the food and the establishment!

  13. […] Perlow (eGullet, Linux Magazine) has posted an enticing droolscape of Mandoo Bar in Manhattan’s Little Korea on his food blog Off the […]

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