NJ Dining: Chinese New Year 2007

Chinese New Year is a celebration week that I look forward to many months ahead of time, because its when I get to try many great dishes at some of New Jersey’s best Chinese restaurants. Here’s a look at some of the things we and our friends ate over this past weekend.

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Dim Sum Dynasty
75 Franklin Ave, Ridgewood, NJ
(201) 652-0615

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Storefront on Franklin Ave.

Main Dining Room

Scallion Pancake

A nice appetizer presentation of Fried Quails and Fried Squid with Cashew Nuts

Clams with Black Bean Sauce

Tai Xi Seafood Soup. Dig the Yin/Yang soup swirl!

Beijing Boneless Pork Chops

Crystal Baby Shrimp with Pine Nuts in Chili Sauce

Pepper Steak, one of the best renditions I’ve had in a while.

Shrimp with Garlic Sauce

Braised E-Fu Mein Noodles with Mushrooms

Veal Chop Casserole

“Amazing” Chicken

Silver Pond Seafood Restaurant
230 Main St, Fort Lee, NJ
(201) 592-8338

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The main dining room at Silver Pond was the busiest I’ve ever seen it. 30 plus minute wait for tables, wow!

Xiang Xiang Mein Noodles

Unidentified Seafood Noodle Dish with shredded egg on top.

Oysters with Black Bean Sauce and Pork

China 46
88 Route 46 W, Ridgefield, NJ
(201) 313-0088

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Main Dining Room

Complimentary Seaweed Appetizer

The mysterious “AA” Vegetable sauteed with Garlic. I’ve asked Cecil what the Chinese name for AA Vegetable was, but even he didn’t know!

Shanghai Rice Cake Saute with Pork

Sizzling Lamb with Scallion

Lion Head Meatballs


Superior Ruby Pork Shoulder

Sesame Buns

Sesame Bun stuffed with Ruby Pork

8 Treasure Stuffed Chicken, a special New Year dish

8 Treasure Chicken cut open

Lion Dancers with Merry Monk

7 Responses to NJ Dining: Chinese New Year 2007

  1. ninazer0 says:

    Love your food stories. As far as I can tell without tasting it, your mysterious AA vegetable looks like it might be choy sum – pretty common in any Chinatown and very nice indeed.

  2. Nope, not Choy Sum. I’ve had Choy Sum a lot and this wasnt stringy enough. This tasted kind of like pea shoots but was not nearly as leafy.

  3. tracey says:

    Any chance you have had the Beijing pork chops at Noodle Chu? Care to compare?


  4. Anyone in the NJ NY area – we host a CNY party each year at Internal Gardens School of Classical Taijiquan – complete with decorations, tradition and more. Wantage, NJ. Our cost of admission? Ha – only bring a small dish of food to share, and it need not even be Chinese!!! We cook lots of homemade jiaozi, chun juan, fa cai dishes, tang yuan, nian gao, and MORE – lots of moutai getting poured as well! If you want to make new friends and eat great food, please feel free to join my mailing list on www. InternalGardens.com – just hope you don’t mind the occasional tai chi workshops email notices – heh heh! May the Lunar New Year ahead bring lots of happiness to everyone! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

  5. AA vegetable says:

    AA vegetable is Asparagus lettuce ( Stem lettuce or Chinese lettuce).

    AA vegetable is Taiwanese pronunciation.

  6. Double0 says:


    A place I’ve been meaning to mention for a long time is Canton Gourmet in Woodcliffe Lake. We went for Dim Sum on Sun morning (carts and ordering) and it was its usual excellent self. They didn’t seem to have anything special for Chinese NY, but the quality was great. The great thing about where this place is, is that in the same shopping center there is a top notch Japanese (Gen) and a very good kosher deli. There is also a gym to work the calories off after trying all the good stuff.

  7. daisy says:

    chinese new year is really catching on…and that’s a GOOD thing!!

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