Podcast #16 and #17: Tony Bourdain

Note: This interview took place in 2006, but I’m bringing it to the foreground because it might be of some interest to our readers. It’s a private side to Tony that you might not otherwise get a glimpse of on his TV show.

Click Here to Listen to the Tony Bourdain Off the Broiler Podcast (Part 1)

Click Here to Listen to the Tony Bourdain Off the Broiler Podcast (Part 2)


What they use to hunt wild boar in Ghana



Tony’s not giving up on smoking, even if he has to leave the country to do it.


Miami Ink tattoo #1


Miami Ink tattoo #2.


A dime bag of Hua Jiao, Sichuan Peppercorn.

11 Responses to Podcast #16 and #17: Tony Bourdain

  1. Jon says:

    Hua Jiao!

    Oh yeah. That Bourdain guy too. He’s sort of interesting.

    Hua Jiao!

  2. julie says:

    Great interview. Viva la body art.

  3. MochaMom says:

    I’ve read the books(loved them)listened to a few interviews(most of them mindless)and have never seen his show(too cheap to fork over the money for cable or satilite).All in all I like the guy,or at least his books.

  4. […] Click Here to listen to the Off the Broiler podcast with Tony Bourdain discussing upcoming episodes of No Reservations airing on the Discover Travel Channel. […]

  5. beth conley says:

    please come home anthony!!! I”m sick at my stomach worring about you!!!

  6. Katharine Silvestri says:

    Tony Bourdain is a SEXY man. His wit, intellect, sly commentary, and exploratory soul really turns me on. Ah, if only I was older…..

  7. […] Having been a Cliffside Park/Fort Lee area resident for nearly five years, I was quite familiar with the dogs at Hiram’s. Of course, anyone who knows me well is aware I was more of a Callahan’s fan, but I certainly respected Hirams — you really kind of have to, considering the characters that walk in there, which includes guys like Tony Bourdain (who featured it on his New Jersey homecoming episode of No Reservations). Hiram’s uses a blander Thumann’s dog (which is essentially a bologna stick) whereas Callahan’s used (well, technically still uses if you count the Route 46 Little Ferry branch and the Hasbrouck Heights location) a Sabrett Pork and Beef hybrid that is more heavily spiced, and I am definitely in the heavily spiced camp. That being said, and after consuming numerous Hiram’s dogs over the years, I had never had their chili dog. I needed to rectify this shortcoming, and quickly. […]

  8. Corey Rase says:

    Anthony is always great to listen too… Love the show, going to get his books.. Such an interesting guy.

  9. Nicholas says:

    Hua Jiao is a mixture of Sichuan Peppercorn and salt, not just Sichuan peppercorn on its own or pure.

  10. […] also found 2 podcasts at Off the Broiler. These are casual conversations with Bourdain at home. You can even hear the […]

  11. […] Podcasts of Anthony Bourdain with Jason Perlow – Interesting interview of Anthony Bourdain by Jason Perlow. A man after my own heart, a tech geek and a foodie! […]

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