Updates 6/15/09: Christian Albin, Tenafly Farmers Market, Adonisa’s, Victor Sasson

Chef Christian Albin, who passed away this last weekend at the age of 61. Albin was the long-time Executive Chef of The Four Seasons, pictured here in his marvelous kitchen in October of 2006.

Adonisa's Restaurant, Fort Lee NJ by you.

Grilled Squid over Greek Salad at Adonisa’s in Fort Lee

Tenafly Farmers Market June 14, 2009 by you.

Tri-Color Beet Bundle from Yuno’s Farm at the Tenafly Farmers Market

Shish! at Whole Foods Market, Paramus NJ by you.

Victor Sasson and I lunch at Whole Foods’ SHISH! shwarma/falafel joint and discuss his love of Middle Eastern food and his new mission to help you find the best chemical and hormone-free shopping options in Northern New Jersey.

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One Response to Updates 6/15/09: Christian Albin, Tenafly Farmers Market, Adonisa’s, Victor Sasson

  1. Eric Johnson says:

    Having had the pleasure of working with Christian for most of his final 7 years at the Four Seasons, I have to add a comment. He was never a chef that sought the limelight of celebrity as so many of his contemporaries did, although he easily could have. Instead Christian choose to be a working chef, on the line, cooking, nearly every day of his life. He was, in contrast to many of his more famous contemporaries, a working chef.
    However, what I will always remember is not his creations or his work ethic, but rather a man of warmth, who had a tremendous sense of humor and a heart that had no end. Most of the chefs one reads about in the news as being talented, the people who work for them see them as miserable assholes. Christian, or Hitch, as we all know him, was the complete opposite: he never cared to be well know, except to his friends who know him as a beautiful person, full of laughter, wit, and talent.

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