Triangle Dining: Korean Food

On cold rainy days away from home, I want a taste of Jersey. For me, that means Korean food.

The Korean community in the Triangle is relatively small, but it is growing steadily, and a  few restaurants have popped up to support the local taste for home style Korean dishes. During my stay in the Raleigh-Durham area I found two that I enjoyed.

Chosun Ok Korean B.B.Q
2105 E Highway 54, Durham NC
(919) 806-1213

Chosun Ok Restaurant

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Chosun Ok dining room.

My spicy Seafood Tofu soup (soondoobu jigae) with accompanying banchan.

Ahhhh Kimchi.

Steamed Broccoli with a spicy sauce on top.

Fish Cakes.

Hot and Spicy Squid with Kimchi Stir-Fry.

Yuke, the Korean version of beef tartare, served with Nashi Pear slices, raw garlic and cucumber. This is dressed with raw egg and gochujang, the traditional hot red pepper sauce.

I enjoyed my meal at Chosun Ok, and I thought that even with only a small Korean population to support it, the food was really good. I was also surprised to find a lot of regular locals (non-Koreans) eating here as well. You don’t see that in Jersey.

Vit Goal Korean Tofu Restaurant
2107 Allendown Dr #101, Durham, NC 27713
(919) 361-910

Chosun Ok isn’t the only Korean restaurant in town. Vit Goal, which is only a couple of blocks away, specializes in the soondoobu jigae soups almost exclusively. And because they are a specialist in tofu soups, they do it extremely well. And guess what — the owner is from Palisades Park, New Jersey — my hometown Korean food mecca. How cool is that?

Why, I actually feel not so bad about making an absolute pig of myself this evening.

The Carte de Tofu.

Boricha, hot barley tea.

An out of towner enjoying his Galbi (beef short ribs)

Vit Goal is even smaller than Chosun Ok. I love the wood accents, it makes you feel nice and cozy on a cold rainy day.

An appetizer order of Japchae sweet potato starch noodles with beef.

The main event, my spicy mushroom tofu soup, which comes out BOILING hot in a stone bowl.


The banchan selection is small compared to our New York and New Jersey mega-Korean places but it’s made fresh in-house and still very good. The owner also makes Kimchi fresh every day. Normally, Kimchi is usually fermented for several weeks, but that’s not possible down South. Fresh Kimchi, while less common, is nice though, it’s crunchier and she makes it spicier to compensate for the lack of fermentation.

Marinated Beef Bulgogi, which is cooked in the kitchen rather than at table. Still quite tasty and went great with the soup.

9 Responses to Triangle Dining: Korean Food

  1. TikiPundit says:

    Wow, I really like the inclusion of a short video piece to go along with all the great pictures. Although, just the colors of the mushroom tofu soup — red and yellow with a touch of white and green, have my mouth watering.

  2. daveyblog says:

    im divided on korean food.. mostly because i don’t like spicy foods.

    i cant stand kimchi… but korean style meat is amazing!!!

  3. eastside resident says:

    My husband is Korean. When we visited his families in NJ and NY… almost every day and night we went to Korean restaurants. NJ and NY are indeed Korean food mecca.

  4. John Mark says:

    OMFG, that looks much better than what ordinarily passes for Korean fare in the bay area – with a few notable exceptions. I never thought I’d be jealous of the food selection in NC.

  5. Alex Song says:

    I’m from Fort Lee, so I know what you mean about Korean food like back in Jersey. I thought Chosun OK’s food wasn’t bad but I think Vit Goal really made me feel like I was back home! I have yet to try Chosun OK’s tableside bbq, I’ve only had their lunch specials which are a pretty good deal.

  6. Tom from Raleigh says:

    My wife swears by the baby goat soup at Chosun OK as a remedy for the common cold. Plus, with a name like baby goat soup, it’s got to be good, right? Also, the pancakes, both kimchee and seafood, are very tasty at Chosun OK. I’ll have to check out some of the dishes you had next time I’m that way.

  7. […] it as a protein extender with traditional Asian-style dishes such as a Sichuan Ma Po Tofu or Korean Soondubu Jigae. Still, using the seared tofu block with the crispy skin over the rich vegetable base as a fish […]

  8. Mary in Durham says:

    I love love LOVE Vit Goal. Their stone pot bibimbap is to die for. And like you, I love that it is a small and cozy dining room – there is no better place to eat on a cold winter’s day!

  9. Jacob says:

    Thank you for sharing information about Chosun Ok Korean restaurant. Hopefully I can try it in near future. I am also big fan of asian/chinese cuisine and would recommend, you should try Spring Rolls located at north hills in Raleigh. The restaurant has a great atmosphere & the food they serve is simply phenomenal.

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