NJ Dining: Goffle Grill

Goffle Grill
1140 Goffle Rd, Hawthorne, NJ

(973) 423-0881





Web Site: http://www.gofflegrill.com

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I know I said last week that I didn’t want to eat any more hot dogs for at least a month, but Rachel and I caved in a few days later at the Goffle Grill in Hawthorne, one of the most well known hot dog stands in New Jersey.

Like Johnny and Hanges, Goffle Grill is also a Texas Weiner joint, and has been proudly serving them since 1979. It uses the same Thumann’s deep fryer dog that is common to several classic NJ “ripper” joints, such as Rutt’s Hutt, Hot Dog Heaven, and Hiram’s.

Texas Weiners await at the Goffle Grill. Click on the “Read the rest of this entry” link below for more!

The Goffle Grill Texas Wiener. For those of you who need a refresher course, that’s a deep fried hot dog with raw onions, mustard and a clovey/cinnamon laced thin chili sauce. A Jersey original.

Texas Weiner bow shot.

Texas chili fries, ordered by another patron.

15 Responses to NJ Dining: Goffle Grill

  1. […] frying experience) at several well-known New Jersey hot dog restaurants (such as Hiram’s , Goffle Grill,  Johnny and Hanges, Rutt’s Hut and Hot Dog Heaven) and subjectively scored very high (8 or […]

  2. Elle says:

    Who doesn’t like a good HOT DOG!!!

  3. chris says:

    goffle grill is the best. did you stop by dunkin donuts in hawthorne?
    also i heard there is a new bbq place near goffle grill.

  4. Rachel Perlow says:

    We were heading to the new BBQ place, but there was a huge wait so we split a hot dog at GG to assuage our hunger and moved on. We’ll be returning to Bourbon BBQ this week at a less busy time.

    Is there something special about the DD in Hawthorne?

  5. Mimi Sheraton says:

    Texas Weiners or Wieners???

  6. Is there a proper spelling of that word as applied to hot dogs? ha!

  7. Mimi Sheraton says:

    Yes, if you care about pronunciation…ei is prounced i in German so it would be winers…
    ie is pronounced ee so it is weeners.
    I remember by saying “I always drink Wein in Wien”..wine in Vienna.
    But a hot dog is are something else..I remember years ago around Quebec seeing signs offering Chiens Chauds.

  8. John Fox says:

    In my opinion, the Goffle Grill is not one of the better Texas Weiner joints in North Jersey. The dogs aren’t fried long enough (you must request it) and the chili has a harsh taste. The Hot Grill, Libby’s, and Pappy’s Diner are my 3 favorites. Hey Roger, loosen up, come down off your high horse and try a Jersey hot dog. You might find that you like it. Being “dignified” and having”advanced training”, I’m surprised you’re not a little more open minded. maybe you’d like to broaden your horizons and condescend to have a lowly frankfurter. You’ll find it’s more than chopped meat in a casing. Besides, what we have here is better than the cheap, generic, bland crap that passes for hot dogs with you Rebels.

  9. cenunn says:

    I too, had a dog there instead of barbecue. I’ve been having their dogs for years and years, a staple after a few beers, growing up in Bergen County — especially during those lean years when Johnny and Hanges was gone from paterson, but not yet in Fair Lawn. Another great dog place, I think, is Riverview East, in Elmwood Park on River Road. Terrific dogs.

  10. Yeah but Christine, the place next door to you blows the Goffle away. :) And the new Johnny and Hanges is no comparison either. :)

    My next stop in the grand tour is Hot Grill, if I can schedule the time.

  11. John Fox says:

    The Hot Grill is a great place to grab a dog. They sell more hot dogs than any establishment in New Jersey. Their chili sauce is unique and made in a 100 gallon drum. Service here is very fast. I call it organized confusion. You go to the counter (there is no line) and wait for one of the many countermen to take your order. They yell it out to the cooks behind them. The dogs are fried twice. Once in a deep fryer, the second time in a slanted pan, similar to what you would see at Jimmy Buffs. This place is a model of consistency. The dogs are always done perfect; the right temperature and consistency, and the chili is always served at the right temperature. You can also get a pint of their chili for a little over 2 bucks. They also sell by the quart. The dog served here is the Sabrett beef and pork dog which is the same dog that was served at Callahans. The Windmill also, but at the Windmill it is grilled. To many people, the Hot Grill serves the archetypal New Jersey Texas Weiner. Richard Nixon used to come here before he was President. Tommy John is a customer. Tim Conway and Alan Ludden were also.

  12. I remember 3 places in Beacon, N.Y. in the 70’s that had awesome texas wieners. One was the texas wiener diner and the other 2 were Pappy’s and the Hub. They are all gone now and that stinks because you have to go to Pete’s in Newburgh or Dallas in Kingston now. If anyone remember the texas wiener diner or pappy’s, please reply.

  13. Deb says:

    I used to live at Pappys in Totowa, NJ Its still there.

  14. Deb says:

    My favortie places are in NJ

    The Hot Grill – Clifton
    The Goffle Grill -Hawthorne
    Pappys- Totowa
    Petes Place – West Milford
    Johnny & Hanges – Fairlawn

  15. […] covered Texas Weiners on our posts about Goffle Grill and Johnny and Hanges. I’ve also created my own recipe for hot dog chili similar to Texas […]

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