Is a burrito a sandwich? Judge says no – Yahoo! News

4 Responses to Burrito = NOT A SANDWICH

  1. Burritos, while filling much the same role in the dietary/culinary worlds, are clearly not sandwiches. This is clearly a case of a large corporation trying to squash competition.
    If the store that had opened was a Quizno’s or a Subway, which clearly do sell sandwiches, although maybe not by the legal definition above, I think the judge’s ruling would have been different.

  2. bperlow says:

    Qdoba’s is a pretty good chain! they make Mole sauce for their burritos and other offerings.

    Paneras acting like a bunch of punk ass commies…
    Theyre not that good!

  3. …But the competition is also a large corporation, although they do make semi-decent food.

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