A Visit With Rescue 1

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Last Saturday, I had a unique opportunity to visit the boys of FDNY’s Rescue 1. Rescue 1 is unique because while there are quite a number of fire and ladder companies, there is only one rescue company and one specialized rescue truck in the entire boro of Manhattan. The Rescue 1 guys are highly specialized, their mission is to rescue other fire fighters as well as civilians when routine fire fighting missions go wrong.

The lone custom Saulsbury Fire Rescue Apparatus is essentially a $750,000 toolbox on wheels. It carries all kinds of specialized equipment for getting into burning buildings as well as oxygen tanks and fire protection outfits for the Rescue 1 team. This one was given as a gift by Airbus corp. of France to replace the one that was destroyed on 9/11. Duplicate trucks exist at the other 4 rescue units in Queens, The Bronx, Staten Island and Brooklyn.

Side view of the Rescue 1 Apparatus (photo from Rescue 1’s web site)

Click on the “Read the rest of this entry” link below for more Rescue 1 photos.

A view of the garage.

The tail end of the Rescue 1 truck. As you can see its really tight inside but highly protective.

A closeup of the insignia.

A view of the kitchen at rescue 1’s firehouse.

The Rescue 1 guys eat pretty damn well. Check out that restaurant Garland stove with Salamander.

The photo wall.

Chef Thomas Hurley (right) with one of the boys. Hurley, a firefighter for 20 years before he became a chef, volunteered with Rescue 1 in the days following 9/11. The firefighter to his right lost his brother on September 11, also a Rescue 1 team member.

The rear wall of the Rescue 1 kitchen/dining room is actually the front of the original building that burned down many years ago.

The 2000 Rescue 1 fire team. Eleven of these men lost their lives on September 11, 2001.

Daisy never misses an opportunity for a good surfboard shot.

Our visit was cut short by a real emergency call. Here is the truck roaring out of the garage as we bid the guys farewell.

2 Responses to A Visit With Rescue 1

  1. Daisy Martinez says:

    i’m STILL processing that whole day…the whole thing was like a fantasy come true…its a good thing you were there to document everything! lol!

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