A Jaunt Thru the French Quarter

If you take the devastated areas of the city out of the equation and only concentrate on the areas that are of concern for tourism and dining, one would think that virtually nothing happened to the city. It was a beautiful sunny day today in New Orleans, and mondays are pretty slow to begin with in the city, so we decided to take a walk thru the Quarter, have a casual lunch, and look at the pretty architecture.


We hopped on a trolley on Canal Street to take us to Decatur street and the French Market, where we headed to Stanley restaurant.

Well that's a relief.


The Oyster and Shrimp Gumbo at Stanley. Highly reccomended, its super dark and rich tasting without being too thick.


Ajun Cajun Fujun? The Korean Bulgogi Beef and Kimchi Po Boy.


Shrimp Po Boy.




This guy was peeking out the door at one of the art galleries on Royal Street.


Interior view of the pews at St. Louis Cathedral.


Altar of St. Louis Cathedral


St. Louis Cathedral arch.


Walk just outside St. Louis, with the Gregorian chants playing inside, you immediately hear Dixieland.




A welcome sign on Decatur street.


Beignets at Cafe Du Monde.


Looking towards Jackson Brewery on Decatur.


A view of St. Louis cathedral on Decatur.


The Natchez riverboat by the riverwalk.



Time to catch our ride back to the hotel.

5 Responses to A Jaunt Thru the French Quarter

  1. Melissa says:

    The newest photos are exquisite on today’s blog .. I am overwhelmed mostly because it looks so “normal” after the disaster .. thanks for showing this side of life there today. I still ache for days I spent in New Orleans.

  2. Jake says:

    Thank you so much for this – I was able to slip away from my desk for a few minutes, if only in my mind. I’d kill for that gumbo, though!

  3. Brooks says:

    It’s a streetcar dammit.


    See you at dinner, looking forward to it. Then, tomorrow, I’ll take you on a tour of the wreck, kind of balance things out.

  4. daniella says:

    I love ths photos, but darlin’… it’s a streetcar — they have trolleys in San Francisco, not NOLA.

    And it’s JAX Brewery, not Jackson.

    They used to brew Jax Beer there back in the day before it became a horrible mall.

    Not to quibble or anything, but…


  5. Shelly says:

    brooks sent this stuff to me, thinks I’m an obnoxious yankee too. Judy Garland would of called it a trolley car. Herbsaint is a favorite. I think I could enjoy reading your stuff. New Orleans looked empty. You need to go to Jazzz Fest and sample the food there.

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