The Very Fine Upperline

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Upperline is my favorite restaurant in New Orleans. I admit to being extremely biased about the place, because Rachel and I are always treated like royalty whenever we go there. Jo Ann Clevenger is a wonderful, generous lady, and she’s got the most talented and gentle man, Kenny Smith as an executive chef. Upperline is also an extremely fun restaurant just to explore and look at the artwork, as Jo Ann has an art collection featuring local artists that rivals the Ogden museum.


Oysters St. Claude


Crabcakes over Fried Green Tomato with Crystal Hot Sauce Beurre Blanc


Cane River Shrimp


Grillades and Grits

And now, the artwork:


Main dining room, left






Main Dining Room


Main Dining Room (right)


Central Dining Room


Rear Dining Room



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