Cobbler Ah Do Declare

Next to pecan pie, the dessert which screams “The South” for me is cobbler, peach cobbler in particular. I managed to pick up some really nice peaches from the Teaneck Farmers Market on Thursday, and they were so ripe that they all needed to be eaten, right away. I was originally going to make them into peach ice cream, but Rachel got the idea of turning them into cobbler, after remembering the incredible one we had at Varmint’s Second Occasional Pig Pickin’ back in September of 2005.

Unlike pies, cobblers don’t require anywhere near as much fuss — for the one we made tonight, you just pour the batter for the crust into a big casserole with some melted butter, plop the fruit mixture on top, and bake. The results are just as spectactular, albeit a bit messier.

Have a look at this really easy recipe by Paula Deen. The only thing we did different was use 2 cups of blueberries and 2 cups of peaches.

If you want to try another interesting cobbler, which has biscuits on top, check out the one by my buddy Brooks Hamaker (“Mayhaw Man”) from New Orleans.

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