The Joy of New England Fried Clams

Nickerson Fish and Lobsters, Chatham, MA

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Nickerson is primarily known as a fish retailer, but they’ve got some of the best fried clams on all of Cape Cod. You can’t find anyone who is sourcing fresher fish and shellfish on the entire Cape, as they are 50 feet from the docks and have the most sophisticated seawater filtration and tank holding system of any seafood store in the area. The fried fish and clams are absolutely pristine, and you can’t beat the atmosphere of being able to eat your food right off the Chatham Fish Pier.

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Jerry’s Seafood, Yarmouth MA

Jerry’s is one of those local joints that most tourists don’t know anything about. Its where blue and white collar guys go and get their lunch, and where to get good fried seafood and pizza at a decent price.

Jerry’s clams are more of the crunchier, oily-er variety but I still think they are excellent. They know how to fry a belly clam.

Christie’s, Lynn MA

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Christie’s in Lynn is an institution, its been there since 1903. The fried seafood here is absolutely outstanding, and I know of few clam shacks where you can order your food and walk down to the beach only a minute or two away.

An order of Fried Clams, Fried Shrimp and Fried Scallops at Christie’s

Sea Swirl, Mystic CT

Sea Swirl is definitely the most well known fried clam shop in Mystic — it attracts lines of people during its prime hours for its famous ice cream and big belly fried clams and fried oysters.

Sea Swirl’s Fried Clams

Horton’s Seafood, Providence RI

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Horton’s is another great multi-generational fried seafood mecca that takes pride in doing things the old-fashioned way. Its English-style fish and chips is second to none and Horton’s prides itself on sourcing the best belly clams it can get, even if it has to go out of the New England to get them due to the huge demand. Despite the fact that during our last visit they weren’t the big giant bellies, they were sweet and tasty, and didn’t have that funky flavor that a lot of New England clams can get.

The Horton’s mixed fried seafood platter with Fried Fish, Shrimp, Clams and Scallops

4 Responses to The Joy of New England Fried Clams

  1. daisy says:


  2. Bill Meyer says:

    This is a pretty bangalanging site as my daughter would say. We enjoyed a week in Cape Cod last year and had the best fried clams I ever had at this place called Kream and Kone.

  3. Every says:

    I’m a Mystic native, and Sea Swirl has my favorite fried clams in New England. Nice to see some Mystic action in here.

  4. Jessica says:

    Sea Swirl in Mystic has the best fried clams I have ever eaten. I actually went there today!!

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