Jacques-Imos is not a good place to go if you want to have a light, healthy meal in a intimately quiet or romantic atmosphere. Rather, if you want to eat amazing, over the top, super rich, incredibly fattening stuff that a condemnned gourmand on death row might want to feast on in an enviornment that could only be described as a nonstop psychadelic rowdy party, Jacques-Imos is your kind of joint.

Jacques-Imos also has the distinction of being one of the most challenging environments to shoot food photos in because of the multicolored, low lighted craziness. So please excuse the fact that these shots are blurry. I've also ressurected some of my Jacques-Imos photos from previous New Orleans trips because I couldn't get the damn camera to focus in there.


The famous pickup truck outside that hasn't moved in years. The pickup bed is now used as a dining area, where couples have been known to propose marriage to each other. Possibly even consummate.


Owner/Chef Jack Leonardi with Austin Leslie, photo circa November of 2003. Austin was Jacques-Imo's fried chicken genius who later went on to become head chef at Pampy's restuarant. Pampy's was destroyed by flooding in 2005 and Austin died in Atlanta during the evacuation only a few weeks later. He was given the first jazz funeral when the city was re-opened. 


One of the friendly bartenders.


A view of the main dining room.


Be Nice or Leave. One of the many art peices in the restaurant by Dr. Bob, a local artist/personality that's a good friend of Jack's.


A Cajun-style Boudin rice sausage with a French mustard sauce.


A Creole-style Jambalaya with sweet tomatoes. 


Fried oyster over spinach salad.


Jacques-Imos Fried Chicken Plate, continuing in Austin Leslie's tradition.

Fried Oysters over Stuffed Merliton with Tasso Hollandaise.


Eggplant Pirogue with mixed Seafood and Lemon Cheese Sauce

3 Responses to Jacques-Imos

  1. Daniella says:

    yum. One of my favorite places!!!

  2. […] Crabby Jack's is Jacques-Imo's little sister in Metairie, specializing in Po Boys and fried seafood platters. It's a little lunch-only place situated right next to the Louisiana Seafood Exchange, so you can be assured that the oysters and shrimp and crawfish you are getting are as fresh as can be. […]

  3. spalding says:

    beautiful online information center. greatest work… thanks

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