Mr. Weber, Meet Mr. Brinkmann

June 30, 2008

Since April of 2001, when I moved into my current house, I’ve been the proud owner of a Weber gas grill. It’s served me faithfully and I expect to be using it for years to come. But as good as a gas grill is in terms of convenience, it just doesn’t replicate the flavor of charcoal.

I’ve always wanted to do real, hardwood coal smoked barbecue at home, but never had the guts to try it. Oh sure, I have a huge appreciation for the art, I’ve eaten it in its native lands, I’ve attended seminars on it, I’ve talked to a good number of pros on their techniques and such, but Its always been a “someday when I get the chance” sort of thing. I experimented with it a little bit last year on the gas grill and with wood chips, and granted, the results were pretty decent, but no substitute for the real thing.

So last weekend, I took the plunge. I saw a Brinkmann box smoker onsale for $60 at Home Depot, spending another $15 on charcoal and lighter fluid, and dragged it home.

The Brinkmann box smoker in its element.

We’re finally going to have some real ‘Q at home. Click on the “Read the rest of this entry” link below for more.

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