Real Economies Don’t Eat Quiche

September 17, 2008

changeagent by you.

Sometimes, to make an omelette, you need to break a few eggs. However if this week’s bloodbath on Wall Street is any indication, then I would say we’ve made ourselves a full-blown deep dish quiche the size of Yankee Stadium with tens of billions of cartons of eggs. The biggest and most costly damn quiche that you’ve ever seen, and the likes of which we can hardly afford the indigestion from.

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Yes, Jason’s office is this scary looking inside

July 28, 2008

funwithesx by you.

As soon as I heard the announcement from  bright and bushy-tailed VMWare CEO Paul Maritz that the company was shortly going to be releasing their ESX 3i enterprise-class embedded hypervisor for free, I was absolutely thrilled. Given the pace of technology reporting, I knew that I had to get it running on my test equipment right away.

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In the year 2016…

July 24, 2008

Josef Konsumer, a home-based employee and portfolio manager for ICBC/CiticorpChase, a Chinese-owned multinational investment bank, wakes up to hear his alarm clock go off at 8am, and gets out of bed, his 47-year old body aching from an aggressive personal trainer session from the day before. His morning double espresso with frothed skim milk and mocha is already waiting for him, thanks to his new Korean-made LG RoboCafe, which brews and extracts a perfect crema every time using pre-portioned, mess-free nitrogen-sealed pods imported from Brazil. He considers nudging his wife, Mindy, to get up and make him breakfast, but decides to leave her alone. Best not to wake sleeping dragons.

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The Governor Isn’t Calling

June 25, 2008

You’ve heard it all before — the bell tolls for Windows XP. The governor isn’t calling to give it a reprieve — Microsoft is officially declaring it end of life for system OEMs on June 30. On April 14, 2009, mainstream support dies. Enterprises with extended support contracts can keep trundling along until April of 2014.

Does that mean everyone should go straight to Vista right now? Hell no. I certainly am not.

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February 14, 2008

I review Microsoft’s latest hypervisor-based paravirtualization product, Hyper-V, on ZDNet’s Microsoft blog. What the heck is a hypervisor, you say? Read on.