A Cooking League of Their Own

June 5, 2009

Photos and text by Rachel Nash Perlow

OTB’s friend, Christine Nunn of Picnic Caterers, isn’t just a fabulous chef — she’s also a member of the Junior League! Christine was recently in charge of a social event for the Junior League of Bergen County. The ladies thought they were going to have an evening of cocktails and a cooking demonstration. But Christine had a little trick up her sleeve. The ladies (and a few gentlemen) arrived at Maverick Cuisine, a kitchen design firm to the stars with a fabulous demonstration kitchen,  to find that they were actually going to be doing the cooking!

What a turn out!

Fans of Food Network’s “Chopped!” will recognize the concept. Present the competitors with a market basket of ingredients which they must use in their dish, and be ready to present it to the judges in an hour. However, along with some mundane ingredients, like chicken breast, cheese, eggs, and various fruits and vegetables, each team was also thrown a curve ball. One had a bottle of Bosco chocolate syrup, another had Kraft Dinner. One unfortunate team was given canned kippers. I think this was Christine’s private joke on me, as I had denigrated them to her just the week before. My apologies, Team Kippers, you didn’t stand a chance!

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Ultimate Chef Bergen County: Honey

March 1, 2009

Ultimate Chef Bergen County (Honey) by you.

It’s time again for another episode of  Ultimate Chef Bergen County!

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After defeating Chef Joe Macri from Northvale’s Hennessy Tavern in the Ultimate Chef Bergen County finals at Chef Central in Paramus last month, on Saturday, February 28, 2009, Chef Christine Nunn of Picnic Caterers in Emerson went up against last year’s champion, Joe Cerniglia of Campania Restaurant in Fair Lawn, for the final bout and to compete for this year’s title and bragging rights of Ultimate Chef Bergen County.

This year’s “Secret Ingredient” was HONEY.

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