The iJuche Sasang of Kim Il-Jobs

February 16, 2010

Kim Il-Sung, the late leader of North Korea called it Juche (pronounced Ju-Che). In English, the term is loosely translated as “spirit of self-Reliance”.

Since its beginnings in the 1950s, Juche Sasang (The Juche Idea) is the foundation that has provided the base ideology and tenets by which the rogue and isolationist nation has behaved, conducted itself on the international stage and controlled its own people in a never to be questioned iron grip dominated by a culture of leader worship that has continued to this very day.

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NJ Dining: Keumsan Samgyetang

August 22, 2008

Keumsan Samgyetang
131 W. Central Blvd
Palisades Park, NJ 07650 (across from the Shop Rite plaza)

Web Site:

Palisades Park is known for its Korean food. We have so many Korean restaurants in this town that some have even specialized themselves for specific kinds of dishes. A new restaurant which recently opened up near the Shop Rite in Palisades Park is Keumsan, which is actually a chain restaurant from Korea that specializes in a dish known as Samgyetang (SAM-GI-YEH-TANG) which is a special Chicken Soup flavored with Ginseng.  They also have another soup called Goditang (GO-DEE-TANG) which is a broth with Marsh Snails in it. Yum!

Keumsan Restaurant, Palisades Park NJ by you.

Parking at Keumsan is tight, so you might need to park your vehicle across the street at Shop Rite.

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